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  1. infracom

    infracom Member

    There are reasons other than playing games! For example, I use The Times (newspaper) and The V&A (museum) tablet apps on my Galaxy Tab 2. Both have high data requirements and this gets loaded into internal storage not the SD card. These are apps that I want to use offline without a data connection.

  2. Ginxeng

    Ginxeng Member

    I agree, even though the tablet says its a 8gb, only about 4 us usable anyways. Gets filled up really fast if you load tons of aps.
  3. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    I have ver 4.0.428.
    My version opens (home page) to a screen with three Tabs across the top, Locations, Searches, and Recents. Touch Locations and then Local Storage 2 which is the external SD Card. You need to add a folder on the extSdCard. Touch the + folder at the top to add the folder and name it Backup or whatever you want. Once the folder has been added go back to the home screen and scroll that entire screen to the left and the right half of the screen will display a list of options. Touch Application Manager. It will populate with a list of installed apps if you have used the backup Manager otherwise it will be empty. Touch the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the top right. Touch Preferences and the default location for the backup will be displayed. Write that location down so you can delete that folder later. Next touch Set Backup Directory. Touch the MNT directory and then the extSdCard and finally touch and hold the folder you added until the screen returns to the application manager preferences page and the new backup location should be displayed. Now you can perform an app backup and the apps will be downloaded to the new folder on the ext SD Card. Finally check the location you wrote down and see if it is filled with apps. If it is delete the folder by touching it until the bottom of the screen shows the trash can and then touch (don't drag) the trash can. This clears internal memory of any backup apps. There is a help screen for file manager functions on the right hand screen where you saw the Application Manager. If you have any questions please post.
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  4. bella_sky

    bella_sky New Member

    want to ask
    how u solve this problem?
    i also have same prob like this
  5. bella_sky

    bella_sky New Member

    I've read through several posts about this and haven't yet found a solution.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with Android 4 (ICS). In the applications management part of settings, there is no Move App to SD card button for any of the apps.

    I tried some of the Move2Sd apps but none worked. I contacted one developer and he directed me to FAQ #9 here:

    A0Soft Inc. - The #1 world clock shareware for Android handheld

    which says:

    "I cannot find the "Move to xxx" button from application detailed information window.
    "If the device does not have a real primary external storage or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function will not be supported by Android system. It's the limitation of hardware. Please get more information from device manufacture."

    Is there a way around this? If it is actually a hardware limitation and not the OS, I would guess I am out of luck. But somehow I think there must be a way to work around this. I can store files on the SD card without any problems.

    Anyone have solution for this?
    thanks for the help
  6. timothyhbar

    timothyhbar New Member

    I wrote the location down. The one you advise to delete later. After following your step by step instructions. When i go back to delete this file, it does not exist. All it is doing is making a backup of files to the extsdcard. I still have the same amount of onboard memory, with no way to delete the file you speak of or the one i wrote down, it just isn't there. Once every thing is backed up, should i go to my files, click sdcard and delete files from there? i have the samsung galaxy tab 2 student edition. any help would be great.
  7. timothyhbar

    timothyhbar New Member

    Well i am not going to stress over it. If i cant move my apps to my extsd card on my tab2 7.0 ics, too bad for me. I was doing this for me and my nephew because he likes to play games more than me. I am not a rich person by any means, so i will just have to save up some extra cash and buy a tablet with bigger internal memory, alittle bit pricey!!! What just gets me upset is some of the tablets advertisements, not all just some, .Example this tablet has 8gb of internal memory expandable using a 32gb sd card , with no more specifics or indepth instructions on how it truely works. Some tell you it is just for media and music files, ect., and some just say it is all expandable with everything you download , apps and every thing else right out of the box. I have come to learn this is simply not true!!! Maybe i expect to much, but i like my student version galaxy tab 2 7.0 with keyboard, i bought a bluetooth mouse and all is well, very usefull tool for me, but for my nephew, not enough room for storage of games. I have the logitech android mouse if you were wondering. I am not an advanced user so rooting it is out of the question for myself. thanks all, Tim
  8. prettyenpink68

    prettyenpink68 New Member

    I downloaded an app called app 2 sd. It was suppose to make it where you can move your apps to the sd card, but I can't figure out how to use it. So instead I just connect my galaxy to my computer and view the files. Then I go into the folder for the galaxy, and cut folders that I know I can move (like pictures, movies, mucic) and paste them in the sd storage folder. I'm not sure ihow the function of certain things will be affected if I move them to the sd card so I use the app 2 sd as a reference. In the app it says which apps you can move to the sd card and which ones you can't.
  9. Herbie52

    Herbie52 New Member

    To move my pictures onto the extSdCard I simply goto the My Files app, goto the camera folder on the internal sdcard, and drag and drop (to the left) into the extSdCard folder. This will free up the measly 8gb of space (actually about 4 due to the memory hungry OS). Hope this helps!
  10. Samtab27

    Samtab27 New Member

    I have 38 apps, 1 of them is 2 gigs alone. It is a GPS offline software"Navigon" Once you hit 500mb, some apps updates would no longer download for the lack of enough space.
  11. Samtab27

    Samtab27 New Member

    Hey don't worry about rooting you are not missing anything there. I have successfully rooted mine and followed procedures for partitioning SD cards 2, 3 and 4 partitions as one of app have suggested and tried different combinations to no avail. It is just upsetting! I am sure it can be done but needs a software developer who is verse with Android operating system and Samsung hardware.
  12. FiOS Dan

    FiOS Dan Member

    I currently have 58 apps taking up just 492MB of internal space. My available space is 3.74GB internal and 29.76GB SD card. Think I'll be fine and BTW really like my SGT2 7.0 so far (one month).
  13. azlen

    azlen Active Member

    That is a huge amount of memory for 1 app. Probably because the GPS program you are using uses graphics. There is an excellent vector map offline program called osmand. Maps for all over the world are available. And the data files will run on external sdcard
  14. mrdorkface

    mrdorkface New Member

    dear Donald,
    I think you could achieve yourgoal if you have a computer and an adapter for your microsd. try putting the sd and sd adapter in the computer then connecting the charger to both the computer and the device. then move the desired files onto the sd oput in your computer. then remove the sd and mount onto your tablet. if this works, email me at

    hope it works, mrdorkface
  15. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    I think some are misunderstanding my request. I can move any files, including documents, etc., to the SD card without needing to hook my device up to my PC using my file manager. That's not what the issue is. The issue is that I can't install any applications to the SD card. If the app allows data to be stored on the external card, that's not an issue. I can do that. But I can't move say my any of my browser programs to run FROM the external card. Some Android devices don't, some do. A word processor will allow me to save documents to the card, but I can't run the word processor FROM that card. That's the issue.

    The Toshiba Thrive wasn't able to do it until they released the ICE upgrade in August (I have one of these, too). Then it was possible to move SOME apps to run from the external SD card. Samsung tech support has verified that the GT2 7.0 cannot install an app on the external storage card. I've hear that is the case with many of their Android devices. They told me it was a hardware design limitation. I'm inclined to believe it's a software (operating system) design issue.

    Each manufacturer tweaks the stock Android to their tablets or phones. Whether it's hardware or software, that's still a limitation. Many of us are a bit upset that they didn't disclose that on the package. I did find out about it with the 30 day refund period but I decided to stick with my Samsung device. My next device may not be Samsung, though, because of this.

  16. andrew2894

    andrew2894 New Member

    I am so depressed I have tried every thing to move my apps to the external ad card and running them but it just won't happen I am very disappointed with Samsung for this limitation and I hope something is done about this quickly please it is so frustrating I couldn't imagine that the galaxy tab 2 would have such a defect
  17. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    If you keep your data files on the SD card and clean out data that you don't need on the internal storage card, you may find that you won't run out of internal card memory.

    I, too, am still disappointed about this, but I have found that I still have plenty of room for programs and every so often I move data files from the internal to the external storage card.

  18. Wildcards55

    Wildcards55 Member

    There are a couple of projects on XDA which might help. One swaps the mount points of sdcard and extsdcard which leaves your apps installed on the internal memory but all the data on the external sdcard. I have over 100 apps installed and still have 3gb free internal.

    The second project swaps all the mount points so apps and data are stored on the removable sdcard.

    There is also an app called app2sd which works with the samsung to movethe apps to the external sdcard.

    IOW, what you want to do has been accomplished.

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  19. I'm pretty sure the app you're talking about only works if you have a second partition on your ext sd card.. I tried it with another app.. link2sd.. How you get a second partition on the card is the question??
    Moving apps to ext sd seems inmpossible to do..
  20. Wildcards55

    Wildcards55 Member


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  21. Wildcards55

    Wildcards55 Member

    Here this one shos space usage.

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  22. Wildcards55

    Wildcards55 Member

    Damn, who would think it so difficult to share a screnshot? Lol

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  23. Wildcards55

    Wildcards55 Member

    Third time is the charm, I hope, last attempt anyways.


    Success, I think.

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  24. Yeah that looks good Wildcards55. Just the job. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to messing around with the internal brains of my tablet... I had a look at some apps for swapping the internal and external mappings as you have done but am scared I'm going to totally destroy and mess it all up. I'm going to wait a while until I've read up a bit more about it. But your screenshot is defiantly evidence.. Well done.
  25. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    The app2sd app doesn't work on my stock GT2 7.0. Maybe it would work on one with swapped mount points. I'm going to look into that.

    BTW--just got the Jelly Bean update from Samsung last evening.


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