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How will you buy the Prime?General

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  1. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    My Dad lives in Newnan! I know the place well :)

    Sorry you have to consider selling the dog (or a kidney) to get this phone. I guess you could always stand at an intersection with a bucket and a sign that says "I need a Nexus - please help!" :p

    Good luck on finding things to sell, though. I know how hard times feel: been there, done that, got the t-shirt, had to sell it on eBay.

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  2. LeoG61

    LeoG61 Member

    I am on a corporate account and was eligible in August on a one year contract, had my IT dept send me a Bionic, and returned it yesterday after having it for 3 weeks...too many bugs and I just couldn't get the rumors of the Nexus Prime out of my head...luckily on a corporate plan, one year contracts exist, and you still have 30 days of worry free. I'm lucky to work for a great company that supports my Android addiction!

    Really looking forward to Tuesay and just hope the one year contact price isn't too far off of what the Bionic was so IT will be inclined to send me a NP.
  3. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    Just a side note. If anyone who is short on cash wants to get one and you have Verizon Fios, you can put it on your FIOS bill spread over 8 months if you are near a Verizon Plus store.
  4. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    It would be wonderful if we had BOTH here! That reminds me of the old days when you could buy a telephone from Southern Bell and they spread it out over a few months.
  5. hannec

    hannec Member

    Thank you very much alprazolam, for taking the time to answer.
    2 years contract is a very very long time imho
  6. jcnyc

    jcnyc Well-Known Member

    Hoping I can sell the tbolt for 250-300 and after that the prime will probably just be 300-350 which is about the same price as a new 4g phone with a new contract!
  7. I have an upgrade so that is how I am buying. A quick and easy way if there are any around you is to donate plasma(it is similar to donating blood) and you get paid for that.
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  8. roscuthiii

    roscuthiii Well-Known Member

    Donating blood, plasma, and semen! (Just not mixed together.)
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  9. You don't get paid to donate blood( atleast not around where I live anyway)
  10. darkestred

    darkestred Well-Known Member

    and if you're under 5'8 they usually won't take your semen, either...
  11. and I think you need to have a college degree now also in most places for your semen to be accepted.
  12. alprazolam

    alprazolam Well-Known Member

    Score! Can you imagine telling the story of how you donated plasma and semen to get a Nexus Prime? That should win free accessories or something. Ha! :D
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  13. JasonPurp

    JasonPurp Well-Known Member

    I need to buy it at full retail price. I don't think I can sweet-talk the managers on the phone anymore. I only have $600 though. That won't be nearly enough after taxes. I need this phone so badly. You don't even know.
  14. Namrak

    Namrak Well-Known Member

    600 shouldn't be too far off. Considering the other nexus devices were like 530 I think
  15. JasonPurp

    JasonPurp Well-Known Member

    That's what I was trying to compare it to a few months ago, but the Bionic is $590 plus tax, which comes out to about $630, and the Prime is worth so much more than the Bionic. I'm afraid I'll be out of luck. I sold so many phones and iPods for this thing.
  16. You don't "need" it, you want it but could go on with your life without it. It is just a phone. Also most likely it won't be much if anymore than 600 with taxes.
  17. JasonPurp

    JasonPurp Well-Known Member

    Obviously I don't literally need it. Was it necessary to point that out? Honestly, come the hell on.

    And I doubt it will be $600. I HOPE so, but I doubt it.
  18. Namrak

    Namrak Well-Known Member

    I think its pretty much a given, we all have a disease. To cure it we NEED the nexus prime :)

    I'm putting my bet in the 570-630 range. If its less ill be pleasantly surprised
  19. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    You guys need to find better in store reps. I just got an X2 a few months ago (my Droid was dead). I still had another upgrade so I told him I was going to get the Bionic and if a better phone came out soon I'd just pay full price. He said "Never, EVER pay full price for a phone. I might not be able to get you the upgrade price, but it will be close. Always come to me first." Now he is the senior sales rep at said store, but he has taken care of me time and time again. Just an FYI.

    By the way, I didn't end up getting a Bionic. I was about to, but for several reasons I needed to wait a week. In the mean time, things about the Prime and Vigor started to leak more so I decided to hold off a bit. I love Moto tbh, but this time, they just got beat and beat badly (it seems if rumors are true).
  20. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a paper route and setting up a lemonade stand in front of my house.
  21. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    How much does a kidney sell for these days? Maybe I'll have enough for the accessories bundle also? :)
  22. JasonPurp

    JasonPurp Well-Known Member

    You're very lucky. The reps at the store over here are all ******.
  23. mikepic

    mikepic Well-Known Member

    How will I buy the Prime?

    Well, to answer that question a bit of history is necessary.

    To buy my iPhone 3gs I sold a portion of my soul.
    A year later I repeated the process in selling another portion of my soul for the Droid Inc.
    Very shortly after that I once again sold my soul to buy the Droid X.
    I actually paid for my current phone (Droid Charge) with cash.

    That brings us to the Prime. With my poor little soul beaten, bruised, and battered; I once again go back to the well and hope that will be enough to offer in exchange for such a bleeding-edge device.

    All joking aside, as an employee we get annual upgrades at the 2 year cost -- and I carry four lines of service. That's the good... The bad is when there is a LOT of buzz about a phone (kinda like in this case), as employees we are sometimes not allowed to purchase a device until consumer demand has dwindled a bit.
  24. burntorangefan

    burntorangefan Well-Known Member

    Donate blood plasma...Not joking, well I sort of am...We used to do it in college for beer money. I have no idea what they pay for it anymore, but you should be able to add $100-$200 between now and the release if you do it each time after the minimum waiting period - i.e. you can't do it every day...Can't remember the period, but I think it was around 5 days.......

    Hope that was an out of the box, legal suggestion that really does work...:eek:
  25. Nodzarf

    Nodzarf Well-Known Member

    Right now it looks like this will replace my Dinc. But this ice cream sandwich is big from what I've been reading but what makes this much better than froyo? (Didn't get the screwed up gingerbread update). I thought the capacitive buttons were not needed for ice cream? And the bar on the bottom of the screen? Launcher pro and Golauncher have that and its scrollable. So my question is what in ice cream makes this a big upgrade to the android world?

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