Htc desire hd - stuck on boot screen

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  1. greenwood03

    greenwood03 Member

    OK guys i have hit a wall......
    i got into the cmd part of the initial process and got as far as asking for the 'token' - by cut/pasting the cmd fastbook oem ......
    to be sure i tried: cut/pasting and then typing in case of any spaces/errors....all with the same result 'error'.

    A search on the web shows that the desire HD according to htc dev site ( and a few other places) requires an HBOOT upgrade and that is currently where i'm stuck as i'm loathe to pick a solution that i'm not sure/confident will sort the problem in case i make things worse!

    any thoughts?

  2. greenwood03

    greenwood03 Member

    mm possible solution. made a call to Voda to moan about the issue, seems they are prepared to send out a replacement handset - which astounds me as a/ i was prety sure i was out of warranty b/ i'd only just had an upgrade to an HTC One S which i had decided i didnt like and subsequently sold on........they took th imei number and checked what they had to and have told me a replacement will be here tomorrow - free. I will report back there's every chance that someone will wake up their end and realise their mistake?

    should i get the new one i'll come back to you guys and see how best to bullet proof for the future, have ordered another sd reader and micro sd card so perhaps making a gold card/back up is the way forward? or perhaps there's other things i ought to do.

    meanwhile......appreciate the guidance that you've been kind enough to give.
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    what error are you recieving? copy/paste your entire cmd window here and we should be able to figure it out. your 2.00.0027 hboot should be htcdev compatible allready,you can verify by a big,pink **locked** at the top of the hboot screen.

    good find,ral. im trying to download the first one,but rapidshare is not cooperating :mad: the second is a step above the 3.13.468 i listed,and is a good candidate id we can make a gold card :)

    finally! downloading... ill see ifn i can figure out wat it is when i get home from work. if its a vodaphone branded ruu,we may be in business :cool:
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  4. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    Sorry, did not download it myself. Still on an old 512 kbps DSL connection at home and faster mobile connection has a data cap.
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  5. greenwood03

    greenwood03 Member

    there is no pink 'locked' on that hboot screen/ be 100% clear. the info on that pages starts with the model ACE PVT SHIP S-ON RL thru the other 5 other lines of text which ends with sep 7 2011 19.06:24
    below that is the HBOOT and below that the yellowed vol up /down etc and below that the fastboot/recovery/factory reset/simlock/image crc

    the error was this:
    C:\mini-adb>fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    ... INFO[ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.016s]
    finished. total time: 0.016s

    C:\mini-adb>fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    ... INFO[ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.016s]
    finished. total time: 0.016s

    C:\mini-adb>fastboot oem get_identifier_token
    ... INFO[ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.016s]
    finished. total time: 0.016s
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    ahhh my apologies,guess you do not have a compatible hboot. You will need to download the hboot ruu from the htcdev website,and install it. Just run the ruu with the phone in fsdtboot.

    Once you get the compatible hboot installed,you can procede with the unlock directions :)
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  7. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    Okay... Now I am really convinced scotty85 is a HTC Engineer masquerading as a Guide.
  8. damo99078

    damo99078 Member

  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    whaaaaa :eek:

    have you done the steps in post#6? your situation may be entirely different,so we cant say for sure if the ruu youve downloaded is the best option or not.

    you are running the utility on the PC,correct? if the utility does not start,there may be something running on the PC thats interfering with it,or you may have an incomplete or corrupt download.

    if the utility is starting,and failing,then thats a different story.

    im actually not 100% sure if the utility will work with the gold card. we may need to extract from the utility and flash it from hboot on the phone,or from fastboot on the PC.

    there isnt really a guide to using the gold card. its just a specially made sd card that tells the phone its OK to ignore the CID of the rom your about to flash. if running a .exe on the PC,or running from the PC,the gold card just needs to be present in the phone.

    if we are flashing from the gold card,in hboot mode on the phone,then the gold card must also be formatted FAT32,and the rom must be named correctly (PD98IMG) and be a signed-by-htc .zip file(since the phone is s-on).

    my flyer is not superCIDed,ill try in the next day or so to run a .exe file and see if it runs with the gold card in it. that way we will know for sure that you can use a .exe or not,and if it fails wether thats normal,or your gold card isnt made quite correctly :)
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  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    any luck installing the htcdev hboot?

    bAd news... the .rar file looks like someones vodaphone nandroid backup. :mad:
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  11. greenwood03

    greenwood03 Member

    Scott, holding back from trying the hboot unlock for 24 hrs. as i mentioned it seems Voda are going to send a replacement handset and i don't want to do anything to create a potential issue with them saying that i've tampered with it !

    However my gut tells me that they've made a mistake in saying they will replace, and that i'm either going to get a call saying 'sorry' .....or that teh handset that turns up will be teh wrong one ( ie/ a handset that matches the upgrade that i got rid of - One S ).........either way til i know what they are doing ( which should be today ) will hold back.

    IF and its a big IF a desire hd handset arrives then my aim will be to do wahtever is necessary to make it easier to back up/reinstate should there be future watch this space. Meantime much appreciative of your advice and help...( all of you )....
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  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    ahh gotcha! i must have missed wherever you mentioned that :eek:

    i would defaintely recomend your course of action... if they will replace it,dont mess with it. in all honesty,i believe they should replace it,even if it technically is out of warranty,since their OTA seems to have fudged it up. let us know how it goes for you.

    the others watching along,if the OTA was the cause of your prollems as well,id prolly get on the phone and see what htc or your carrier will do for you. its worth a shot!
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  13. greenwood03

    greenwood03 Member

    well part 1 of the exchange is theyve taken my old device and left me with a replacement.....
    i say part one as i still have an inkling that along the line they'll realise that they messed up and will perhaps try to charge me for the unit ( we'll see ).....
    but technology isn't being kind to me.....because the replacement unit is going to have to go back tomorrow because as soon as i started using it it was apparent that the speaker is junk.....tinny resonance.....urrgh.

    So Scott......come tomorrow i'll be looking for pointers on the best way to future proof this new phone.
    unlock? just make a gold card? .......( new card reader and micro card should arrive tomorrow as well)......

    again thx for the assistance....
  14. damo99078

    damo99078 Member

    Yes iv followed the steps in post 6 in my figures are for the most part the same. the ones which differ are the ones you would expect such as the serial number and IMEI. Everything else is mostly the same. If it would help i can post the info so you can confirm this.

    with regards to the RUU, i am running it on the PC and following the steps of the utility. When iv accepted the options it gives me the message "verifying phone information" this then disappears after 30 seconds and the utility shuts down without any error messages or warning.
  15. damo99078

    damo99078 Member

    C:\mini-adb>fastboot devices
    HT0CNRX07371 fastboot

    C:\mini-adb>fastboot getvar all
    INFOversion: 0.5
    INFOversion-bootloader: 2.00.0027
    INFOversion-cpld: None
    INFOversion-microp: 0438
    INFOserialno: HT0CNRX07371
    INFOimei: [removed by mod]
    INFOproduct: ace
    INFOplatform: HBOOT-7230
    INFOmodelid: PD9810000
    INFOcidnum: VODAP001
    INFObattery-status: good
    INFObattery-voltage: 4162mV
    INFOpartition-layout: Generic
    INFOsecurity: on
    INFObuild-mode: SHIP
    INFOboot-mode: FASTBOOT
    INFOcommitno-bootloader: 743ca94a
    INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
    INFOgencheckpt: 0
    INFOregion-id: 0
    all: Done!
    finished. total time: 0.010s

    Heres the information anyway. as you can see its pretty much exactly the same. On a different note i contacted HTC and my warranty expired like 1 month ago. Sucks lol.
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  16. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Yiu might try redownloading it. Or you can extract and try putting that on the gold card.

    If your gold card is made correctly,you shoukd be able to.flash that one :)
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  17. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    You could prolly get by with a gold card... But my personal recomendation would be s off and supercid. That way you will always be able to run ruus. :)
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  18. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Yup, this would be my advice as well. Root with S-off allows flashing from the bootloader, so if you get in a jam, the bootloader can get you out of it. ;)

    Plus all of the additional benefits of rooting. :)
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  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    any luck? sorry for the short reply,i was in the midst of family thanksgiving activities.

    if you cannot get the utility to update the phone,you can try extracting in the following manner:
    once you have moved to a safe permanent location,you can rename it to PD98IMG and place it on your sd card. boot to hboot,and hopefully the utility will find the file and ask you to update.

    if your gold card is made correctly,it will update all partitions(hopefully) and then prompt you to reboot.

    try and make sure the battery is fully charged prior to starting,as it will not charge in hboot or fastboot.

    let us know what happens if you try it :)
  20. damo99078

    damo99078 Member

    Hi thanks for the replies and apologies I took so long I've been busy at work. Iv tried extracting the Rom file but when I open the ruu and search for there's nothing there. Any suggestions?
  21. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    did you try these directions:
    you need to run the utility,and then search your pc for its not as simple as extracting the ruu ;)
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  22. damo99078

    damo99078 Member

    Yes I've tries following the directions and it finds 1 on my c drive which it says last modified on 04/01/2012 so I don't think that's it. Also it is a compressed folder called not an actual file and when I click on it it says invalid
  23. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    other than the wierd date,that sounds right. was the folder in in a location something like "c:\users\%usrename%\appdata\temp\" ?

    sorry if i confused you, should be a compressed(zipped) file,and the invalid error is common when windows tries to open an official signed-and-zipped-by-htc file.

    i typically use 7 zip to extract and examine you can verify this is the one you need by using 7 zip or similar to extract it(make a copy,put it into a different location,and extract that,to protect the original) and then examine the android info text document. among other things,you should find the main version that matched the file were trying to flash(3.13.707.4)

    once youve verified it,go ahead and put it onthe gold card,rename,and try and flash it. :)
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  24. damo99078

    damo99078 Member


    As youve probably already guessed my phone is no longer an expensive paperweight. Would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who offered advice especially you scotty
  25. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome! so i assume that you were able to rename and flash from your gold card?

    now that you are up and running,consider running the AAHK to become superCID and s-off. that way,it will be a lil easier to recover if you get into some sort of trouble again :)
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