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  1. Mark One

    Mark One Well-Known Member

    Really appreciate the advice - excuse my Win7 ignorance:

    The contents of C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Win7_x86 are:

    There is no HTC directory in C:/windows/system32 ... but the 2 .inf files are located here:


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  2. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    Is the sys and Dll file not there?

    When mine wouldnt work under Vista, I just copied everything in the HTC driver folder into the system32 folder, rebooted, and sync started to work.
  3. Newth

    Newth Well-Known Member

    It's all gettin ga little technical for me, but here's how what I found got mine working....

    1 - Always run the HTC sync in administrator mode.

    2 - Shut down outlook,or it won't find the phone.

    By sticking to those 2 rules, I seem to be fine now.
  4. Mark One

    Mark One Well-Known Member

    Copied drivers over. Made sure I was in admin mode and outlook was not running.

    Phone connected long enough for me to confirm default name the dropped connection again. Will not connect again at all now.
  5. Mark One

    Mark One Well-Known Member

    Hang on - disabled antivir and tried again. I'm connected! Thank you!
  6. riverboat2001

    riverboat2001 Well-Known Member

  7. Mark One

    Mark One Well-Known Member

    Well - to add insult to injury - now that I've finally got a connection it turns out that it won't sync anything.

    This is apparently because, having synched all my data from Google to the phone, my contacts are all "Google" contacts and my calendar items are all "google" calendar items - rather than "Phone" items.

    WTF!!?? So I'm supposed to manage 2 separate datasets - 1 for google sync and one for phone sync!!?

    Absolute ox crap - renders the whole connection exercise above entirely redundant as far as I'm concerned. Spitting feathers.

    Thanks for all the input and help though.
  8. oldnick

    oldnick Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's anything to do with anti virus. It just seems to need both the phone and the pc rebooted in order to re-sync after the initial time. Pain in the bum!
  9. jorgenmunster

    jorgenmunster New Member

    Turned the Desire off and onn, and sync worked. Simple (but irritating).
  10. bbluvva

    bbluvva New Member

    After wasting a whole morning scouring the net, uninstalling and reinstalling, calling HTC, factory resetting, using msconfig, copying drivers etc etc etc, I made one last-ditch attempt to sync my Desire by checking the "Stay Awake" option under Settings --> Applications --> Development. I did this wondering if the phone was timing out before it completed the sync search because, a few times, the Sync Manager would pop up right after the phone stopped searching for HTC Sync.

    Lo and behold, the flipping thing worked! :eek: I decided to give it a go again in case it was a fluke. Consistently, my phone found HTC Sync on my PC in a matter of seconds.

    I don't know if that's the solution many of us have been waiting for, but I can tell you that for now, it seems to have worked for me. Fingers crossed it keeps it up. :)

    Hope this helps my fellow Android friends. ;)
  11. vasek

    vasek New Member

    Thanks! "Stay awake" thing really worked for Desire!
  12. bbluvva

    bbluvva New Member

    I'm glad to hear it worked for you. Perhaps, that's the proper fix. Let's see if it works for others as well. Sometimes the most simple things are the solutions to big problems. I was thinking that a great device like the Desire cant possibly require users to mess with Windows services to get it to sync. After all, most people will need to sync when they switch from other phones.

    I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to go back to my BlackBerry. :D
  13. goose123

    goose123 New Member

    I have tied everything above multiple times with no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions before I send this phone back?
  14. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    The fact it works on XP and not Win 7 suggests it's your PC, or a permissions thing.

    In the HTC driver folder, are the contents also in system32?
  15. Phil Darby

    Phil Darby New Member

    My HTC Desire has been syncing just fine for a week since it arrived and suddenly in the middle of the day today after having connected a number of times it stopped.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed HTC Sync on my PC seven times now and my Desire still can't detect it and now I have tried every fix mentioned above, some more than once, with no result.

    The fact that this happened in the middle of the day today suggests that it is something to do with a Windows update (as they seem to arrive in a constant stream these days)

    I am runing Vista on my PC, but without a syncing capability my HTC device is no use to me (The Android capability is already more limiting that I would like) and I'm out of patience.

    If anybody can add something to what has already been suggested I would be very grateful.
  16. Terry10

    Terry10 New Member

    I have only had my Desire a week, and I have the same problem...
    I installed the latest HTC Sync (v33). Connected the phone, drivers got loaded, phone was found and I could give the phone a name. I started to sync Windows Calendar (there were 4 things in it), 1/4 started than I got a message on the phone saying something like " had unexpectedly stopped".
    Repeated connections caused the "HTC Sync could not not be found on the PC" message. Tried shuting down and restarting the phone a couple of times, still no connection.
    Did the copying of drivers to the system32 folder as well.
    I uninstalled HTC Sync, and installed it from the sd card (v28). Same again the first time the phone made connection but then the same unexpected stoppage.
    Phone is showing OK in Device manager, and I have updated the drivers.
    I have tried turning off AVG resident shield (Had to do that to load the software), and turning off windows firewall with no improvement.
    I have been looking around at a number of forums found by googling the problem....with no definitive answer!
    I suspect it is an issue with my PC (Vista with all the updates), but I have given up and decided to use google calendar/mail/contacts.
    I am just annoyed the damn thing doesn't do what it should do!

  17. Phil Darby

    Phil Darby New Member

    There's definitely an issue here that HTC/Google need to resolve. I don't want my choice of services dictated by Google, its already intrusive enough which is why I refuse to use any of their on-line goodies.

    I need a handset that works on my terms not theirs.

    I am in a series of exchanges with HTC on-line help, who are doing their best, its just not getting me anywhere (although I just heard that my issue has been "escalated"). They have come up with a number of sellotape solutions like some of those on this post, but none of them have worked and frankly, if you have to jump through these kinds of hoops to get HTC Sync to work I guess its time to admit that its a failure. Which only leaves us with the question of who is going to compensate me for my costs and inconvenience and supply me with a phone that does what it says on the can!

    It would help if everyone who has this problem sent a ticket to HTC's on-line help. At least they would know that its not just me and it might get them moving a bit quicker. HTC - About HTC - Contact Us by E-mail
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  18. fineforflying

    fineforflying New Member

    Try all the above methods, I still can't get my HTC desire to sync on my Vista. No problems with the XP machine. Even try copying the drivers to system 32. Even download latest HTC Sync from

    Any other ideas.
  19. Didactylos Typist

    Didactylos Typist New Member


    Getting the same "timed-out" response here too with the Desire.
    Using Vista (why oh why?) on a Fujitsu laptop

    Version 2.0.28 and 2.0.33
    Putting files in windows/sys32
    Turning it on and off again (with and without data cable plugged in)
    Rebooting everything
    Booting the Laptop (made me feel better but made sod-all-difference)
    Reloading everything
    Turning AV off (Kaspersky)
    HTC sync as administrator
    Following convoluted instructions to boot up lappy with nowt running
    Desire with and without Debugging Mode

    Have I missed anything?

    Still wont recognise the Desire as connected in Sync mode, but will in Disc Drive mode.

    This has to be back in their court!!

  20. oldnick

    oldnick Well-Known Member

    I gave up on this. And I gave up on HTC support to get this sorted. Now using Google sync/calender and very glad I 'moved on'.
  21. genci

    genci New Member

    hi, that solution provided from bbluvva in this thread worked for me too, try it out:

    "Stay Awake" option under Settings --> Applications --> Development

    Thanks bbluvva!!! got my slip back
  22. pele

    pele New Member


    I've tried most of the options listed but I cannot get my vista PC to recognise the HTC desire.

    Any other options?

  23. Grundfuttock

    Grundfuttock New Member

    I'm also having this problem on an XP machine. I've checked all the stuff above and it's now with HTC support "escalated". I don't hold out much hope though. I suspect that there's an underlying problem with sync that causes it to interact badly with certain PC configurations. I would have expected HTCsupport to have seen some commonality in the problems reported and to have a definitive response by now.

    One thing I found on my system was that I had a problem even getting it recognised as a disk device, I was getting "USB Device Not Recognised" messages and the warning triangle in MS device manager. By a process of elimination (not HTC Support) I discovered that there was a device conflict between the HTC Desire and a Logitech web cam I have had for years. Disabling the webcam made the phone connect as a disk drive quite happily.

    I'm a little confused by this as I thought USB devices avoided all the old problems of conflicts.
  24. krypto1843

    krypto1843 New Member

    HTC's advice to go through the process of playing with MSCONFIG worked for me. It turns out that my recent installation of Droid Explorer broke HTC Sync. Uninstalling it gives me back my functionality.

    If you can link up when you begin a barebones startup without unnecessary services and startup programs, then for sure one of those services or startup programs is the cause of the problem. Then it's just a matter of a little trial-and-error detective work to figure out which is the problem. Any recently installed program is a prime suspect for your investigation.
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