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  1. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    comin for ya's sec...gonna have to sell my soul to get to glendale az but that will happen!!!

  2. WDE!

    You better wake up if you're dreaming of an Oregon upset of an SEC team.
  3. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    dream? oregon already CRUSHED TEN this year ;) auburn better be ready for 4 qtrs is all i gotta say
  4. WarBird87

    WarBird87 Well-Known Member

    LOL... oregon wont know what to do against an SEC defense.
  5. Dan0myte

    Dan0myte Well-Known Member

    That SEC defense might hold up for a quarter or two, but the Ducks relentless offense will soon have the Tigers on their heels.

    It's going to be a good game for sure.
  6. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    auburn has a horrible d this year x.O the ducks d is actually better neener neener
  7. The D will be good enough to let the offense score more points than the other team. How is Oregon gonna prepare for Cam? Who do they have that can emulate his mind, physique, etc.? Watching videos will get you no where. He adapts as the game goes on which is why he's so special. The great Steve Spurrier, who won the SEC many times....played Auburn twice. Could not figure out how to stop them. What about beating LSU and 'bama?

    I think the Pac-10 is a joke. Maybe when there's a championship game for the conference, they'll be able to bring out the cream of the Pac-10 crop, but until then, people will want this matchup and that matchup but ultimately, the SEC will win it again. For the fifth straight time. That's dominance. And that's SEC football.

    Duckhunting season starts Jan. 10th.


    War Damn!
  8. Dan0myte

    Dan0myte Well-Known Member

  9. Jceinc

    Jceinc Well-Known Member

    Ducks FTMFW!
  10. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

  11. What happens when them Southern boys meet those pretty Cali boys?

    More on Jan. 10.
  12. glockjs

    glockjs Well-Known Member

    cali? what does that have to do with oregon :p

    is it me or is this day taking too damn long to get here!
  13. People in the West= they're all basically from Cali.
  14. WarBird87

    WarBird87 Well-Known Member

    ah what happened to the little duckies? they all got eaten by TIGERS
  15. that's why ya'll paid Scam the big bucks. He earned it last night...

    but I want to throw out some stats for you SEC marks out there thinking they are dominating

    vs the ACC, the SEC won 5 and lost 4. this includes the 2 losses in head to head bowl games.

    The swing match, was Alabama vs Duke at the beginning of the year

    The SEC sent a record tieing 10 teams to bowls this year.... they tied the mark set by the ACC last year

    SEC went 6-4 in bowl games this year
    ACC went 4-5 in bowl games

    in 2008, ACC beat the SEC 6-4 in head to head. SEC couldn't have that so they had to make sure Alabama got a two year deal with DUKE to swing the tide (no pun intended) in their direction. Good thing they did it, cuz it worked for them.

    Having one elite team each year doesn't make a dominant division. If that were the case, I could argue the Pac 10 dominated the early 2000's when USC was winning, and that the ACC dominated the 90's when FSU was winning.

    Here's another prediction.... AU is going to suck next year with 20 something seniors graduating and don't fool yourself into thinking Scam Newton is coming back next season. AU also needs to understand that Gene Chyzik isn't going to be able to take AU back, before you guys offer him an iron clad, 10 year deal.

    But ya'll won't, you will offer a great contract, he'll accept, got 7-5 next year and leave AU faithful wishing they hadn't given him that deal like GA wishes they could get rid of their coach.
  16. WarBird87

    WarBird87 Well-Known Member

    2006: Florida
    2007: LSU

    Until another conference beats the SEC in the national title game, the SEC WILL BE the best conference in the country even if they went 6-4 this year in bowls...

    Georgia "should" have beat UCF
    Tennessee "should" have beat UNC

    Those would put them at 8-2 and been a pretty good year, those losses do not indicate that the SEC is a lackluster conference at all... those teams had an off year, so did a few others in the SEC but they still produce national champions year in and year out... 7 since 1998 and 5 in a ROW
  17. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    The SEC is dominating. The SEC has the best winning percentage in BCS games. Every other conference combined has 6 BCS titles while the SEC has 7 including 5 in a row. No other conference has a team that has won multiple BCS titles the SEC has two teams that have won two. There's a reason that people perceive the SEC to be the best conference. It's because it is clearly the best conference.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. SEC vs ACC head to head - 2010-2011 season

    SEC 5
    ACC 4

    good thing Alabama took on Duke at the beginning of the year to pad the stats a little.

    EDIT - oops, already made that point. But it seems to me, if your conference is so DOMINATE, the SEC would have won at least 8 of those head to head matchups.

    4 good teams doesn't make a conference.

    SEC perenial powerhouses are
    and of those, only 1 at a time is an elite team and UF/Ga dropped off the map.

    beyond that.... that leaves 7 teams that never amount to crap. If you said "SEC elite is better than the elite of other conferences" you'd be valid.... but you are saying the entire conference is the toughest. That means top to bottom, and they aren't.

    back in the 90's when FSU dominated the acc, people forgot that GT, Clemson, UNC, Virginia, and NCState all had top 10 teams too. They couldn't get passed FSU (most of the time). I could have made the same argument about the ACC dominating the 90's.

    congrats AU.... I'm will stand by my 7-5 regular season record for the now defending national champs.... I still think we are going to see a meltdown of EPIC proportions with AU just do to the situation.

    Alabama wins the SEC next year
  20. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think AU is going to lose to many players next to contend again. Bama and LSU look like the top 2 there for sure.
    Oregon should have most players returning but they were definitely exposed in the title game
  21. What a butt-hurt crowd. If Oregon was the better team, they would have won the game and they would be celebrating. But they didn't...and they aren't. And while I'm sitting here in Auburn, Toomer's still rolled, the team coming into town to a mob of fans to greet them, Oregon is sitting there with nothing to celebrate about and The University of Oregon and its sidewalk alumni are going to continue to whine about what could have been.

    Are we forgetting Reggie Bu$h and his scandal? Yes, it represents all of the Pac-10 because USC is the only team worth talking about in the Pac-10. Who are we gonna talk about, the defending National Championship losers? A Utah team that gave **** all about its bowl game? Stanford? Please. Twiddle your thumbs until another SEC team wins the Sugar Bowl next year.
  22. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Well-Known Member

    LSU has won 2 national titles since 2003. Also when the conference does well it helps the teams in the conference. No SEC team will be left out of the national title game if there's a 3 way tie or more because of how dominating the conference has been. That's why you cheer for the conference. I don't feel like I won anything Monday night. I really didn't care who won. My team wasn't there. But if I had to pick I'm glad Auburn won. Don't worry you have a lot of company whining about the SEC because they keep winning. Heck this year three teams in the SEC West alone won 10 games or more in the regular season. Keep hating I love listening to all the crying.

  23. I cheered for LSU my freshman year, and 'bama last year. Cheering for Florida in 2008 is an anomaly because every sucked Tebow's dick (rightfully so) so it seemed the whole country was cheering for him.

    There are rational sports fans and those that suck at the teat of their team only and do so very narrow-mindedly. You can see what we have here. They think they're being objective by realizing "the truth' of the situation but the fact of the matter is they're making up their own truths. Everything from FSU being a team that's relevant today to Cam receiving money for playing at Auburn or Miss. State or whatever the latest crock of shit ESPN is steaming up for us.

    The truth is, Auburn won the fifth NC in a row for the SEC and the SEC will continue to dominate. As an Auburn fan, I will say this. Urban Meyer is great. Nick Saban is great. Gene Chizik is halfway there, winning a NC while the other two coaches have won two. Gene too will be just as great. Georgia will be back to full-swing next year or the year after. Arkansas seems like it's gonna stay a contender for the next few years and Miss. State is on its way. I dunno about the Gamecocks, but it seems like Lattimore and others are staying so why not?

    What's going on in the Big Ten? Turmoil where half the teams are shit and the other half got raped by the SEC. The biggest thing is who's going to stop Michigan's name from being dragged through the mud. Pac-10 (12) is expanding, so people see them as a more relevant conference. Too bad Oregon is probably still crying Auburn made them do what they haven't done all season (other than lose) and that's showing that the Pac-10 style of play is casual. Put a lot of points up and see who wins. Get all these yards and hope for a score. There's no strategy. Which is why Oregon relied on trick plays while Auburn plowed them like the little cum-dumpsters they were. That's "dirty" according to butt-hurt college football fans. Football in the West is like tennis everywhere else. There should be no hard hits. Let's water down football so it fits us better. Who else contends next year, the Big 12? I give it five years before the SEC takes up some Texas teams and Oklahoma and dissolves the Big 12 making it a true powerhouse.

    Of course the ACC will be there, knight in shining armor to stop all this. /s
  24. USC won the national title one of those years... if LSU can just claim a split title (in a bcs that swore there would be no more split titles) then FSU claims a split with UF back in 96

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