i hate this phone!General

  1. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    everyday this phone gets slower and slower...and it takes longer and longer for me to text someone..not only do i send them jibberish cause the phone lags SO BAD...it sends them so many texts of the same thing....i cant do a darn thing with this ...i'm about to throw it..

    nothing i seem to do is making this thing run faster..less laggy..

  2. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Well-Known Member

    Root! or just use Handcent.
  3. Michaelrk

    Michaelrk Active Member

    Have you tried rooting and overclocking?

    Cut down on some of the widgets, clear program cache. You could try using a task manager
  4. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

    Almost everyone had those issues at one time or another, until we all ROOTED our phones.

    Now I love the phone and it is very fast and lag free.

    Start learin all about rooting an jump in! It's a whole new phone afterwards.
  5. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

  6. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    i looked about rooting but i dont get what exactly that is..or overclocking...yes i did as this previously...no one answered to explain anything...

    i've tried several task killer...even purchased one...it seems to work the best...currently sending a text..its been a minute...it should not take a minute to load a text i've already typed and sent..

    i did the clear cache..but everything was at 0..and didnt make sense as to how this could be...i previously posted this..no help

    i tried using handcent before..had the same problem
  7. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    now why on earth would you go by what SOMEONE ELSE said??? i just posted that no one really answered me back..they told me but when i replied back no help..

    read and make sure you know what you are talking about first..dont assume
  8. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    someone told me to overclock..i asked what on earth that was..no response...i've read some about rooting..but didnt know if i should do it and what exactly it is..thank you..will do it now
  9. Your first mistake is that you are buying your apps.

    Second, the best task killer is free and has the most customizable options.

    Third, you didn't say whether you turned off all the bells and whistles like animations and stuff like that.

    Once you mention what all you have done to fix the problem, then we'll be able to help. Buying a task killer won't fix everything.
  10. Michaelrk

    Michaelrk Active Member

    Overclocking speeds up the processor. Making the phone faster.
    You have to be rooted to overclock though.
    There are a couple different root methods on the forums depending on how you updated to 2.1
    OTA or via leak.
  11. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    i tried a bunch of task killers..at the time i figured maybe buying something is better..everyone feels differently about task killers from what i'm reading..i even uninstalled it tried using without it and made things nearly impossible...i installed a different one..which made things even worse..i uninstalled that and reinstalled the one i purchased...

    i want the animations "bells and whistles"..at least some..i've gone in and made it plane jane..doesnt affect its performance..it just lags regardless
  12. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    Why should anyone explain to you what rooting is? There's an entire subsection for rooting with all the information you'll ever need. Takes 10-15 minutes to read all the pertinent information.

    Nobody answered you because the information is already here, easily accessible. Take some initiative instead of just creating new complaint threads.
  13. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

  14. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    i believe thats what i've done for days now..and all afternoon thanks..i didnt think i need to give a detailed description of what i've done and read for the past few days...yes i've read some stuff on root..but nothing that says HEY this is what it does..and when i had the storm and doing stuff like this only messed up the policy that if something ever happened to it i couldnt get another for free..i had to pay for it cause i screwed around with it..

    ps..its a message forum
  15. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    Universal Eris Root for Dummies

    Eris All things ROOT THREAD

    Rooting Q&A

    If you were the first person to ask these questions or have this complaints, then everyone would be understanding and willing to help. But you're not. All of this has been asked and answered so many times, it's included in Stickies and even has it's own sub-forums. What you're basically saying is that you want someone to hand you the answers because you cannot be bothered to do it yourself. So, I did.
  16. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

    The Reason no one is helping you is because the questions you are asking have been asked and answered at least a few hundred times.

    You need to do some work yourself and FIND answers on your own.

    If you are too lazy to at least put some work into helping yourself, then don't get upset because no one is spoon feeding you the answers you seek.

    I TAUGHT myself about rooting, ROM's, etc... So did most other people.

    I only ask questions after my searching for answers ON MY OWN has been exhausted.

    Have a great day.
  17. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    i'm so not in the mood for this..

    i have been searching..i've been on 3 different boards..this has been the only one thats responded back..i dont mind and HAVE done the work myself..i've only been sitting here all day reading this board..i dont appreciate being accused of not thanks..
  18. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    People did reply to you, just not giving you the answers that you wanted them to give you.

    There's an entire section dedicated to root, and I copied the three sticky threads located there. If you had spent any time on these boards you would have seen them.

    Case in point: The very first Question from the Rooting Q&A Thread

  19. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    plus what is being suggested does have a risk to it..theres a possibility of turning your phone into a brick...and as i said i been down this road before with my storm...there was a different OS put on it..like rooting..thus voiding any future help i would need through verizon if it ever damaged etc..
  20. It's ok. PM me and we'll talk it over Gtalk or something.
  21. giggalz

    giggalz Well-Known Member

    honestly i dont know what you want me to say cause nothing i say..seems to make a difference...and i'm so ticked off with this phone that all of this isnt helping my mood and im just getting more and more peeved off..but like i said..if whatever i say is going ot have a comeback at how wrong i am..and what i'm not doing..no point in me trying to defend myself..so thanks everyone for their help i'll be reading the links
  22. srmccoy

    srmccoy Well-Known Member

    All I'm getting at is that there is a ton of information out there. In both of the threads you've started, people have tried to give you information that can help you, but you dismissed it. Then you claimed that nobody responded, when in reality they gave you all the answers you really needed.

    Read the stickies, find more information, and if you still have questions come back and ask them. Then we can work with you to fix them. Making threads complaining about very general issues and accusing people of not helping you when they tried isn't a good way to get people to help you.

    Do your research first, and folks can help iron out the details.
  23. thetingster

    thetingster Well-Known Member

    After rooting my Eris I would not trade it for anything else.!!!! :)

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