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  1. NMHacker

    NMHacker Member

    Probably a stupid question but here it goes.

    I have my Settings > Security > Screen Lock set to Password

    Lock Automatically set to 10 Minutes after sleep

    Now my problem

    When I click the power button on the right to turn off the display then say 30 seconds later click the power button to turn the display back on, the screen is locked requiring me to input the password

    I don't understand why it is locked. Shouldn't it wait the 10 minutes to lock? If I just let the display go to sleep on it's own and turn the display on after 30 seconds it does not lock.

  2. dopejayoh

    dopejayoh Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken, when you click the power button to turn off the display, you yourself are locking your phone. What the locking automatically after 10 minutes of sleep means is that if you leave your phone unattended without locking it yourself and your phone sleeps on its own, 10 minutes after it originally slept your phone will lock. Within that period of 10 minutes, if you happen to remember about your phone and you press the lock button to wake it up, it won't be locked.
  3. NMHacker

    NMHacker Member

    That makes sense. Not the way it worked in gingerbread. Thanks.
  4. SP3NGL3R

    SP3NGL3R New Member

    Do either of you know how to make it not manually lock? This is driving me nuts because I just want to turn off the backlight, and NOT lock the phone.

    Say, I'm walking around the office and WhatsApp'ing with my wife. Everytime I put the phone in my pocket I turn off the screen (save battery / accidental clicks / etc.), 10 seconds go by she replies, now my dang phone is locked ... bah! This could go on 10-15 times before I just tell my wife I'm to busy to chat, which is a lie; I'm just sick of typing my complex password (complexity is enforced by my corporate overlords).

    I'd love to know how to adjust it correctly for this issue (or an external tool).

    Thanks for any advice.
  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to be the barer of bad news but by clicking the power button you are basically locking the device. If having to reenter the code constantly is an annoyance I would solve the problem by just removing the password all together. You pretty much do not need it 90% of the time. On longer trips you should probably turn it on as there is bigger chance to forget your phone somewhere.

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