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Motorola Spice: too many attemptsSupport

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  1. WaffleMeButter

    WaffleMeButter New Member

    Basically, I have a Motorola Spice and a friend of mine was bored and attempted to find out my passcode. He locked my phone and now it asks for me to login to Gmail. I tried logging in SEVERAL times. I do know my password and gmail, I did test it at gmail.com also, but it always appears wrong on my phone.
    Any suggestions for getting it open please much appreciated

  2. Ebonyleg

    Ebonyleg Member

    get a new gmail account and password to login in. But first you must delete the old gmail account. go to >settings > accounts, select your old gmail account. it will then give you the option of removing it. Remove the old gmail account, then start affresh and input the new information of your gmail account. Same procedure Only this time you add an account.

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