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my x10 won't charge!!!!!!Support

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  1. maria26

    maria26 New Member

    yea i am using the oringal but it's ok now i took the battery out a couple times and now it is charging just taking alot longer then normal thanx so much for ur help :)

  2. jugglerdude

    jugglerdude New Member

    I had similar problems with my x10 within the first few months.
    There was a problem with the usb connection port (on the handset, not the cable).
    I had warranty so they changed the phone for me (lost all apps, annoying!).
    Works fine now. What can you expect with a flimsy mini usb connector??
  3. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    Glad you have got it working, could be a battery problem so keep an eye on it. There is a small app from the market called Battery Graph and it gives you a visual on the charging behaviour of the phone. Mine takes about an hour and a half to two hours to go from somewhere in the 30's to fully charged.
  4. mr_esmit

    mr_esmit Well-Known Member

    My battery will charge (gets really warm though) to 100%, but will drain really quick. Sometimes I have to charge it up to 3 times a day. Really staring to piss me off.
  5. karenheaney

    karenheaney New Member

    i took my x10 to o2 shop was sent away for repair last week and phone call today telling me the exact same thing wat is going on? i think they are just looking for away out of fixing it. have come up with any ways around it
  6. bomber1

    bomber1 New Member

    i rang sonyericsson and told them that i had sent my phone to o2 and that they said there was spillage/water damage. sonyericsson gave me a returns number to send back to them, they also told me not to mention what o2 had said, I sent the phone of last Thursday 27/1/11 yesterday the post office tried to deliver it,while i am typing this reply my phone is now on charge, they replaced the main board, I will now be ringing o2 customer relations up and telling them what i think of thier so called repair centre. the photo o2 sent me of the alleged spillage damage was a burn mark on the board,if it was a spillage i would expect to see some kind of residue on yhe board. hope this helps
  7. ucwuc

    ucwuc New Member

    Bought my phone in august last year., The charging has been a problem. Sent it to service via the shop, got it back two weeks later, with new battery. I asked to test it in the shop, and we alle saw that the phone still had the same problem. 5 weeks later I got it back, with a message that now they have put in all new hardware, only the covers where old! ... Tested it at the shop again, but still no charging!! Why the he... can't they trest the phone at the service BEFORE sending it back? This is so stupid, and its very typical SE politics. Just like Nokia used to be.
    For me, this is more than enough, I will never buy SE phones again to me or my employees.
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  8. JohnieK84

    JohnieK84 Member

    If it is still under warranty then yes, what they do is replace the mainboard, as there seems to be a specifc fault with this.

    I have had mine fixed for some time now and the life is much much longer it still goes for just over 2 days now (unless I make a durated call) which is increadable considering it was lucky to see a day beforehand (think of the good reviews for this phone if they had discovered this issue earlier).

    I hope you get your phone fixed if it's under warranty and I hope mine stays in working condition amazing phone!!:cool:
  9. velhuco

    velhuco New Member

    Same thing happened to me... Guess what i gave up on it (mostly because I don't have 10 days to waste) and went for the Desire HD.... Happy about my choice..
  10. It is definately a problem with the phone.

    My gf and i got an X10 last year sometime. Around summer time.
    We actually got them because our Sony C510a's both stopped receiving signal at the same time.
    We are with Rogers and the phones got sent away for repair. I had the same problem as Bomber and they said my phone had water damage. It hadnt been anywhere near water! It had exactly the same fault as my gfs which turned out to be a software fault. So they just returned my phone still not working.
    We just got two new X10s anyways. My gfs stopped charging a few months ago. We knew it wasnt the usb cord or the battery as i used both her charger and her battery to test this and both worked fine with mine.
    They sent her a refurbished unit anyways. We werent too happy with this but it was better then having no phone.
    Mine has started doing exactly the same thing now. For the price of this phone you would expect that this would be something that they would have tested and sorted before launching the phone. Im starting to think the build of these phones was done at the cheapest possible price (They also opted not to go for multi touch based on saving money on the parts used in the phones).
    Im now worried that when i send my phone back to get repaired they will make up some cr@p again that it has had water damage.
    Its a pain in the butt as i rely on my cell phone for business and i use it as an alarm clock. Right now charging it actually drains it. I had it charged at 90% when i went to bed and i overslept as it had totally drained the battery.
    Does anyone know if this can be software related? I have noticed that my phone and my gfs refurbed phone woudnt charge to 100% (would only go to 90%) on an overnight charge unless you switched the phone off and back on again.
    I have got my phone charging right now. I took the battery out, and then wiggled the wire until the light came on and the battery lightning sign appeared.

    I love the phone but man does this battery problem annoy the hell out of me!
  11. Android-Wannab

    Android-Wannab New Member

    worked for me ... exact same process... but the problem persists... what is it..
  12. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Member

    i had a third party mobile repair technician inspected on my x10.
    it the weak micro usb port caused the problem of charging.
    my situation is that i brought the x10 oversea before it is officially launched in the U.S.
    Now i understand that SE will CHARGES me hundred bucks to repair. but the length of time to get it back from SE will freaks me out completely.
    One of My friends she has similar situation and sent it back to SE from U.S. she took nearly 3 months to get it back.
  13. QualityManager

    QualityManager New Member

    Just wanted to add that I am suffering this same problem. I am in the Uk, contract with O2 and bought the phone from Carphone Warehouse, who are giving me the run around. I am so glad I found this message board which confirms my belief that it's a manufacturing problem. I was told Beyond Economic Repair for supposed 'excessive force', which I have always disputed. The phone is in pristine condition. I feel very let down by Sony Ericsson, whose phones I have always used ... until now!
  14. peacefulblosso

    peacefulblosso New Member

    Heya guys,

    I need your help. Mines stopped charging just over a month ago. I sent it back to vodafone and it came back has physical damage. I was shocked. I looked after the phone very well. Not even a scratch on it. And always had a cover on the phone. I didnt even drop it or anything.

    All that happened was that the battery ran out and I came home to charge it and it just stopped charging. The screen came on and then shut off again.

    And now only the red light flashes when I try to put it on.

    I tried to take it to a repair shop and after a 3 weeks wait they came back and said it cant be fixed.

    The phone is still under warranty if there anything I could do?

    Just heartbroken. And I just dont know what happened.

    If I damaged the phone then I understand but just suddenly dying? And then everyone saying I damaged it?

    I lost all hope until I came across this thread and maybe there is so hope?

  15. CellPlanMan

    CellPlanMan New Member

    Just had a huge freakout!

    My X10 was charging and I was texting while it was charging, then it just shutoff. This was at 8am. Because my SIM card gets stuck in the phone, and I dont have tweezers I was freaking out even more. I was getting the flashing red light that every one else is talking about.

    Called S.E. and gave serial number and such, processed order to ship. When I put battery back in (3hours later) it magically started working? Confused the heck out of me, but the Cynogen Mod logo popped up, and Im getting a solid red dot. Hopefully it was a one-time freak out only!

    However, I did notice my phone acting a lot slower than normal for the past week.

    I did also take out the Micro SD as suggested by other posters.

    Thanks guys, and just wanted to share my story.
  16. CellPlanMan

    CellPlanMan New Member

    now that was weird. It charged ONCE then wont charge again :'(
  17. shawal2010

    shawal2010 New Member

    same like me... i bought the x10 on feb... it's working well previously... but now, i have problem to charge the phone... it's kind of annoying... anyone can help me??? maybe problem with the software...
  18. theonlydave

    theonlydave New Member

    Dust is getting into your phone and settling on the contacts for the charger. It's been a problem for many sony ericsson phones, but all you have to do is scrape the dirt off, it settles in the exact spot where the charger contacts sit, so you don't get contact. If it's not charging scrape the contacts on the phone with a needle, lightly then blow, then conect and boom your away.
    I'm so sick of trawling through these forums looking for answers, why do people keep posting the same problem over and over and over, and no proper solution? So anyway rant over, I hope this helps everybody.
  19. Bexyboo

    Bexyboo New Member

    I have had 2 X10s and at first they were fine but suddenly stopped charging for no reason. I have 2 batteries and 2 chargers. Is it possible to get something faulty twice in a row? I might as well use a turnip. When will they invent a codec like in Metal Gear Solid?
  20. DroidAngel

    DroidAngel New Member

    We already have a solution for Xperia X10 not Charging problem... . It only needs a good soldering skills... :D
    Note: I'm a PRO and fixing phones is my only source of living and I won't recommend this solutions to anyone else without electronics knowledge.
  21. DroidAngel

    DroidAngel New Member

    I think your battery needs to be replace... batteries will not last long... It also dries up.. Heating is an indication of a weak battery..
  22. DroidAngel

    DroidAngel New Member

    Those technicians might be a bit lousy... obcourse it is fixable.. Not charging is only a minor issue of phone problem..
  23. kdragon82

    kdragon82 New Member

    guys guys I had this piece of crap phone too, when I first got it x10 was a grand phone. but same thing not charging so I got rid of it and now have a htc best decision of my dam life!
  24. Limbo1984

    Limbo1984 New Member

    Hi, This is the same issue that I am facing, I have had my X10 for just under 6months and the charge (albeit annoyingly poor) was OK until a week or so ago, I am on ORANGE UK and bought from Phones4You, They sent it off under warranty and they have today returned it quoting the same issue 'excessive force', I have NEVER dropped my phone or treated it badly, It is in perfect condition. I am informed that it is NOT a manufacturing problem but as the messages show this is not the case. A colleague of mine had the same mob and got it directly from Orange, They replaced it via a courier service in 24hours. I now wish I had gone direct with Orange rather than trying to save
  25. smaacker101

    smaacker101 New Member

    My Xperia Mini Used To Charge Fine, But Then It Started Not Working.
    I Swapped Chargers With My Sister, Who Has The Motorolla Flipout Handset
    And It Worked Fine, Then Recently Stopped Charging And Then Started, And Then It Turned Off And Did The Flash Three Times With Orange Light Thing. I Managed To Get It On, But Then Its Happened Again, And It Wont Even Charge Through My Computer, And Its Completely Out Of Battery, But I've Been Reading Through Other Things, And It Says That If You Take Your Phone In To Be Repaired With This Problem, They Send It Back Saying The Problems 'Unfixable'. I Dont Know What To Do ?

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