New EVO Owners: Please Report Your Build Quality

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  1. Roadblock

    Roadblock Well-Known Member

    Hardware Version 0002.

    Zero issues so far. No light leakage, no raise screen, no crashing, no tin sounding audio etc. Everythings rock solid and the battery life is GREAT after rooting with Fresh Rom .02 and all.

    Kinda sad rooting and Fresh Rom .02 was needed to make the battery work right though.

    HTC's engineers must really suck at optimizing there own shit. Epic fail HTC!

    Thank god for hackers right! :D

  2. hawkijustin

    hawkijustin Well-Known Member

    I would love to report how my new evo's build quality is but i cant. I have been on 2 waiting lists, one since the 4th and one since the 8th and both places are telling me it will be a week or more still. My best buy has not had a shipment since launch and radioshack since last week and they said they only got 4 of them. Makes me wonder if they are working out the build issues on the fly and thats whats slowing them down?
  3. cnote678

    cnote678 Member

    I'm writing this on my Evo. Build quality so far seems great- hopefully it stays that way! Hardware version 3
  4. dhinez

    dhinez Well-Known Member

    Date Purchased: Launch Day 6-5-10
    Hardware Version: 0003
    Store Purchased: Corporate Sprint Store

    Issues: Battery life OK (lots of phone usages), occasional grounding problem on top of screen

    Overall the phone has been rock solid. No major issues that I would really complain about. Waiting patiently for the official Froyo 2.2 release. Hoping that it fixes the battery life just like 1.56 update did for the Hero. Also hope they lift the 30 fps cap in the update.
  5. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    Got both of mine from Best Buy. Hmmmm haven't checked my wifes yet. Probably better do that. ;-)
  6. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

  7. skpd

    skpd Well-Known Member

    EVO+delicious? (wild guess :rolleyes:)
  8. aeiou

    aeiou Well-Known Member

    Light leakage started yesterday
  9. makisupa79

    makisupa79 Well-Known Member

    Zero issues here. Got it day 1. Version 002
  10. carmendiva

    carmendiva Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately i am returning my evo back to Sprint or selling it/giving it away.

    My brother is going to take over my sprint line with his Palm pre
    and I am going to take his verizon line and i just ordered a droid.

    My issues are not completely about the build...But Sprint


    The light leakage has gotten worse and like my screen clicks now at the bottom.

    My Webcam no longer works. People can hear me on fring but they can not see me.
    This problem has been fluctuating left and right. It works, it doesn't work, it works it doesn't work

    My Phone last night has started random reboots...How and why idk. It did it 4 times last night.

    Phone Freezes for some reason on the web when i am on 3g. Works fine on Wi-fi...Don't know why...Happened last night

    Android issues:
    Force Closures are getting to be very frequent for handcent, picsay, and stock camera app. I tried to take pictures at the club....No go for me

    Idk what is going on but for some reason now that i am back in NJ, I am dropping calls a lot.

    I really loved this phone when i first got it, dealt with a few issues for the past few weeks but now my phone is basically starting to remind me of my eris and hero...not fun anymore.

    I want to wait out and get a 3rd batch evo but that may take awhile. Sprint said that they were backordered....

    I ordered a droid...I am going to play with's been forever since i had a droid(like november) and i hated the camera on that
    but i may just have to wait till motorola droid x comes out..

    I read this somewhere...
    "HTC makes the sexiest android devices yet the crappiest build"
  11. ellykay

    ellykay Member

    I got mine 6-11 from Radio Shack. The phone says hardware version 0003.

    I have had no issues. The battery life is not great, as I was expecting. I am a very lite user and can only get 12-13 hours. But, I admit that I don't understand how to do all of the fixes on this board that could possibly extend it. The good part about the battery is that it charges very quickly.
  12. Ooteschoogen

    Ooteschoogen Member

    Wifes' phone with screen separation issue HW 0002

    My first phone no issues until the screen started to go bad to the point where I couldn't read text anymore. Got it replaced by BB. Dead phone HW0003, New phone HW0003. I havn't noticed anything wrong with the new phone, but I havn't had it more than 24 hours yet.
  13. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    This is great data everyone, keep it coming. The issues still seem to be random amongst HW 0001/2/3 so looks like there's no real "across the board" fixes being implemented by HTC. Thanks for the input everyone...
  14. musikat

    musikat Well-Known Member

    Hardware build 0002. Got mine directly from Sprint online on Tuesday June 8.

    Have had no particular hardware issues. I might have ever so slight light below the search button but the glass seems uniform and it doesn't affect anything (I don't even see it since it is under a case). Grounding seems good. I can use all of the screen on a flat surface with the exception that the notification bar is very hard to "catch" and pull down. Everything else on the screen works.

    So far everything I have tried on the phone works. I admit I am not using it fully yet (no music loaded, never tried to conference call, although the front camera seems to work fine) but navigation works great, and I am able to do all that I want at this time.

    Battery has been good to great for me. I haven't gotten less than 13-14 hours and the last few days I have mostly been home and not using it much (a few calls, and just checking the phone, texts, etc.) and I am on 1day 15 hours with 46% left!
  15. c_gutta

    c_gutta New Member

    Build 002. I got it from Radio Shack on launch day. I haven't had any real issues so far. \
  16. frozndevl

    frozndevl Member


    I bought mine on launch day from Radio Shack.
    - grounding issue on top of screen (just noticed it this morning)
    - screen starting to pull up by the home button
    - battery cover doesn't fit flush
    - okay battery life
    - have not had one random reboot
  17. Quizshow

    Quizshow Well-Known Member

    I have a 0003 that I just got yesterday and I'm having the same issue. My headphone jack will sometimes not connect to the headphones, so the music plays through the speaker even with them plugged in.
  18. katmandoo122

    katmandoo122 Well-Known Member

    Excellent. No issues whatsoever.
  19. Ruhnie

    Ruhnie Member

    All phones from Sprint Online:

    Wife's Phone 06/04
    Build 002
    - Light Leakage
    - Raised screen on bottom
    - Grounding Issue
    - WiFi signal SUCKS

    My first phone 06/04
    Build 002
    - Light Leakage
    - Raised screen on bottom
    - Dead zone on bottom of screen, did not register any input
    - WiFi signal SUCKS

    My second phone 06/17
    Build 003
    - Light Leakage
    - Raised screen on bottom
    - WiFi signal SUCKS
  20. moondrius

    moondrius Well-Known Member

    I had my launch day evo replaced with one from the second shipment and it seems perfect. It has done way better in battery life then my iphone 3g, 3gs, and moto droid. I replaced the first one because the front and back of the phones were not aligned properly.
  21. vIce^gRip

    vIce^gRip Member

    My replacement is a v3 and every issues, less battery depletion issue appears to be resolved.
  22. jonathan76888

    jonathan76888 Well-Known Member

    mines is version 3 got it yesterday and it seems, everything ok, check everything
    front facing cam-works
    Raised screen on bottom-prefect
    Light Leakage- i dont even know what this issue is
  23. Dave DFW

    Dave DFW Member

    Hw002 and picked it up on 6/7. Screen is slightly raised on bottom left corner, but no problems with light etc.
  24. Shawnz

    Shawnz Well-Known Member


    seems fine. I have had the front camera stop working but re-boot solved that. I do have the light leakagle at the bottom of the screen area but it is only mildy annoying.

    got mine from EVP
  25. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Well-Known Member

    Two Evos, both on launch day at BB. HW 0002. The DEC numbers were two numbers apart, but one came with the sliver edged battery and the other did not.

    Absolutely no issues with either phone so far.

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