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Please help!!! Process com.sec.android.app.twlauncherSupport

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  1. RGreer704

    RGreer704 New Member

    I have a Samsung Fascinate and I have been getting this error message every single time I try and click on any app on my phone. I belive it started after I downloaded this man with camera app. Ugh..:mad:

    Anyone know how to get rid of this?!!? I went into my 'manage applications' and cleared out my samsung home data thinking I could fix it that way but now I still get that error message and now I can't access the internet. Did I just make it worse?!?! :confused: Please help!!!

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  2. BmanCV60

    BmanCV60 Well-Known Member

    Looks like there may be a problem with the stock (TouchWhiz) launcher; have you removed the suspected app and/or battery pull? Maybe installing another launcher temporarily would allow you to get past the error, but only a guess. A hard reset may be in order, but if that fails the factory reset is a last resort but effective leaving you to reload all applications.
  3. Calvintan

    Calvintan New Member

    me got sec.android.app.twlauncher.so how to recover it ??

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