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  1. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

  2. ceceboo13

    ceceboo13 Well-Known Member

    i gave in a bought it i <3 it!!!
  3. Sebnotic

    Sebnotic Well-Known Member


    I was going to post it on the epic 4G screenshot thread, but the last person who posted a screenshot was me and it seems kind of silly to post again. Although I did "radically" change everything.
  4. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    nice, love the news article style down there!! :D So you got bored with the pinball layout already? lol ;)

    P.S. I'm still looking for pictures for that wallpaper layout! lol...I have over 4 dozen pictures I need to go though and I'm still looking for more pictures XD
  5. mykela25

    mykela25 Well-Known Member

    Im usually a lurker but I figured i'd share for a change :) Mine for now... SkyRaider Sense 3.3.4 ROM, custom icons with Desktop Visualizer, Battstatt, Beautiful Widgets (clock/weather), drocap2
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  6. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Work in progress:

  7. jbirdsf

    jbirdsf Well-Known Member

  8. jbirdsf

    jbirdsf Well-Known Member

    Currently using your Poor Richard icons....love them. Thanks!
  9. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Glad you like them. :)
  10. miyooper

    miyooper Well-Known Member

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  11. Train13

    Train13 Member

    I have Launcher Pro and cant figure out how to change my lock screen? Help?
  12. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    @Kaessa, Rose, jbirdsf
    thank you

    A couple of options on the original (I'm staying with the first :D ), and then probably back to Pinball :)


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    PS Discovered Android 'File Manager' recently, which is making frequent copying and pasting a pleasure.

    Could not load zip file here, if anyone wants, files available on XDA or soon on Dropbox Gallery link.
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  13. miyooper

    miyooper Well-Known Member

    You need to use an app like WidgetLocker. I don't think LP Does it on its own.
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  14. Train13

    Train13 Member

    I thought it would have seems like it should be an option. thanks
  15. brokenartist

    brokenartist Member

  16. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    You're a freakin' genius. This looks awesome! It's really close to making me abandon my Android7 theme.

    Now, I know these are variations of one screen, but I can definitely see how each one can be a different home... using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, making the marker and dock background color part of the wallpaper... it could work.

    Oh, and of course learning Latin (for the Lorem ipsum).
  17. mykela25

    mykela25 Well-Known Member

    Thats just too hot for words. Dang, I just finished modding screen! I might need to change again lol
  18. Jay21fire

    Jay21fire Active Member

  19. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Playing around with Simple Text Widget and FrameMe (if you're wondering, I'm feeling whimsical today... the quotes are from Buddha and Douglas Adams):

    Home screen:


    Left to right:


    Lock Screen:

  20. mykela25

    mykela25 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know what calendar sticky widget this is on the right hand screen??
  21. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    Now you've gone over my head!!! :) but it sounds good ...
    I didn't post the 7 screens this time, since I'm using a non-scrollable theme. The widgets on the other screens do look good on the wallpaper, and it is quite nice for a change having my shortcuts all on one screen (apart from the widgets of course).
    Just by the way, I did Latin at school, and having the best teacher in the country, most f us got distinctions!

    Unfortunately our teacher looked nothing like the Wallpaper :D
  22. niteowl360

    niteowl360 Well-Known Member

    Thanks mykela25.
    Must say this one was done and dusted quicker than most of my efforts, and I was lucky enough to find the right mix! The teacher obviously did the trick :)

  23. The calendar widget is called calendar widget 2 (free from market)...the icons and wallpaper I'll p.m. you later with a link for them
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  24. titch1644

    titch1644 New Member

    hi new here and a new android user

    many thanks for the themes/desktop ideas

    heavenlyangel07 any chance you can send me the link to liven up the wifes new android phone aswell


  25. Hello there, yes it's no problem
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