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Question on bluroff command

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  1. michont

    michont New Member

    Hi all, I have a question about the bluroff command on my Atrix. I've had the phone for a while and when I first got it, the first thing I found was how to remove the Motorola Blur prompt at boot. I then rooted my phone, found a few things to add and was fine with it. I used it for a while then my company got iPhones. I've never been a big fan of the iPhone (4s is mine). It works but is just too restrictive. Anyways, I swapped back to my Atrix 4g and decided to play with it some more. I unlocked the bootloader but after doing that, it reset to factory so now I get the blur prompt. Thing is, the command that removed it before is now not working after the unlock. Not being an expert, is it not working due to it being unlocked now or could something else be causing this?

    Also, just wondering what is the highest level android level that this phone can use? I'm on 2.3.4. (not considering any custom ROMs)


  2. dmoss74

    dmoss74 Well-Known Member

    not sure of the first issue. it should still work. as far as the second, it's gb 2.3.6
  3. michont

    michont New Member

    I ended up installing the cyanogen mod 7.2 and it hasn't been an issue. Thanks for the ver info though, never know when I might go back.

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