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*Real* Carbon Fibre Composite Cases: Who's interested???

  1. Just as the subject line states: Who is interested in a *Real* Carbon Fibre Composite Case for their Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    There is a company in Florida that made my HTC Supersonic (Evo 4G) Carbon Fibre Composite Case. Very very good quality stuff, not only the quality of the fabric is top notch but the fitment is perfect.

    About two weeks ago i contacted them and asked if they would be manufacturing a case for our Galaxy Tabs and they are waiting to see how many requests they get before putting the time in on development and testing.

    How much you ask? Pricing is going to start at $124.95

    If you guys are interested, please contact them via Facebook @
    www.facebook.com/infinitycarbon or on their website @ http://www.InfinityCarbon.com.



    Here are pix of the Prototype Carbon Composite Piece. Infinity Carbon has informed me that *INSTALLED* pix will be available sometime next week, which i will post as well. If you would like, you can also PRE-ORDER your Carbon Fibre Composite Case *NOW* just go to:

    Any questions, post um, pm um, or you may contact Bryan @ www.InfinityCarbon.com directly or on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/infinitycarbon. My email / gtalk address is XCellFoneSalesRep@gmail.com and MSN is XCellFoneSalesRep@live.com.

    If not, everyone have an Awesome, yet safe Happy New Years!!!

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  2. MasterRy88

    MasterRy88 Member

    whoa that is so cool but I dont think I can justify 125 bucks for it
  3. ziffos

    ziffos Well-Known Member

    I agree - this price is way - way - way too much
  4. TechPorVida

    TechPorVida Member

    What I'd like to see is a keyboard/docking port case for the 10.1. hard case. Then I'd happily fork out 124.95

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