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  1. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    How do I get my custom ringtones from rooted media folder to show up in selection menus?

    I am rooted and have successfully copied .ogg .wav or .mp3 ringtones to system/media/audio/ringtones, notifications or alarms folders. I can even play them from those folders on press.

    My hassle is I am not able to select these as my tones. They don't show up in the menus. I want them in the root because if I am connected to my pc and an email/text/call comes in that is assigned a Custom tone on sd, then my tones revert back to a default tone and I have to reset them all when i disconnect from pc

  2. I think they have to be on the sd card to be used as ringtones.
  3. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a flaw in the engineering department somewhat. There should at least be some setting or usage that can get around this. Did Samsung/Android forget that sometimes people do get messages and calls when they are connected to their computer?
  4. Im actually pretty sure that even when connected to a computer, you will hear whatever ringtone is selected, even if its on the card.
  5. dwh_72

    dwh_72 Well-Known Member

    no... if i leave my tones on sd and if i dont get any messages then after i disconnect from computer they will remain as i chose but if i get any messages while connected then i will have to reset all of them

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