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Rogers 1.6 = Terrible Horror

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  1. kropbj

    kropbj Member

    Alright so here is my Review of the Rogers 1.6 Firmware upgrade. This is based on the information provided here http://androidforums.com/lg-eve/68629-rogers-android-1-6-gw620-eve-out.html

    - A few added camera functions.
    - Nice update to Android Marketplace.
    - A few added functions to Google Maps.
    - Killed my battery in a matter of 4-5 hrs. (not sure why)
    - Wifi is very flaky. Once the phone goes to sleep and I unlock it I loose Wifi, by that I mean that it just tells me AP is not in range. I have to turn the Wifi off and then back on again to regain a connection. Plus to add to that, when it is connected it never gets a faster speed than 1Mbps.

    The Wifi has to be my biggest gripe. I don't have 3G data where I live so I cant confirm some of the issues that others have been experiencing.

    Two other things that people have noticed is that this image lack the fastboot option and that there is no (simple) way to restore the old 1.5.

    Anyone else have any experience with this update yet?

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  2. drowned.rat

    drowned.rat Active Member

    So is this update going to be pushed to all owners, or do people have to hunt this down on the net to upgrade? You'd think LG would let owners know (or Rogers) that an update is available. I mean most people out there are oblivious to this forum or the update and would carry on using 1.5
  3. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    Be aware that this has not been released by Rogers and should therefore considered beta. It's not for n00bs because there are still quirks.

    That being said, Zacpod, over at XDA, has managed to get his 3G connection working over the Rogers 1.6 update, and has discovered the fastboot key combo (Menu + Space).

    As he stated here, he should have a rooted 1.6 image ready later today!
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  4. kropbj

    kropbj Member

    Yeah this definitely is a beta. I would say it still has its bugs that need some work. But LG and Rogers must be pretty close.
  5. Hazardleader

    Hazardleader New Member

    I made the update to this Rogers Version, and i coulden connect with my GMAIL google Mailadress to have Access to the Market. I dont know why its not possible to make the Google Registration , the 3G Connection is working with the normal Browser, Can someone help me to fix this Problem?? Do you have the same problem with this rom??? Thanks Hazardleader

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