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  1. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    only thing.... it is dated to happen.. April 1... (april fools)

  2. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

    That article is bogus and the April fool's date makes it even more unbelievable. When it's announced I'll believe it, and what if they turned around and said the 69.99 individual plan that's required for silver updates was their industry first and made that their new truly unlimited voice+data plan?

    Then you wouldn't be down talking RUMORS before they're even announced would you? Also telling me to do math on RUMORED plan changes is like telling the tooth fairy to predict how many dollars she'll hand out next week. Don't jump the gun, this April fool's RUMOR doesn't have a leg to stand on.
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  3. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it says to qualify for "premier gold" you have to have a minimum $89.99 plan. That doesn't make sense when they're still pushing the $69.99 any mobile any time plan.
    Let's hope this is just a viscous rumor & nothing more.
  4. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

  5. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    I know that Sprint will be announcing the world's first quad core 4 ghz phone from HTC which comes pre-rooted with a custom jellybean rom with a 5 inch screen which shrinks when you need to put it in your pocket, and folds out to 10 inches for when you have the opportunity to watch movies. The battery is said to last 40 days and 40 nights, while torrenting on 4g, and talking on the phone at the same time. It will only cost 50 dollars to upgrade, and because you are a loyal customer already, the unlimited everything plan will be reduced to $25/ month.

    Dan Hesse told me so in an Email.....
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  6. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    If you can't throw it against the wall for it to transform into a tv, they blew it...
  7. So-Low Da Don

    So-Low Da Don Well-Known Member

    Hey you got that email too!?!? He told me it would have a Super Duper Ultra AMOLED 3D display and Android 10.1.1 that has the power to read your mind and do whatever you think, and it can teleport you anywhere that you place on google maps!!
  8. dxCoqui

    dxCoqui Well-Known Member

  9. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

  10. JMac202

    JMac202 Well-Known Member

  11. BlackDynamite

    BlackDynamite Well-Known Member

  12. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

    This actually works! But much like metal hailate lighting fixtures your brain has to warm up to it. Give it 5 mins on high and I guarantee you'll be seeing in everything in 3D for the next week. :D
  13. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    Handy.. are u a current Sprint client?

    if you are not.. and you just returned a phone... and canceled the service. You have to wait 90days.. before you can try sprint again.

    transform does suck... but after Jan 30... all smartphone (including non-4G) phones will be charged the extra $10/month.
  14. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Some other possibilities: 1) Allowing removal of Sprint bloatware; 2) Allowing toggle off of UI to stock android on premium phones; 3) Sprint-Netflix partnership so that SprintTV might actually be worthwhile.

    But I also think the sleeper might be that Sprint will be running dual Wimax and LTE. Sprint's always said it could easily transition to LTE, and perhaps it will to get it's 4G coverage up and running faster.
  15. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    ok... guess... flip switch.. wimax2... all 4G current phones will be min 30mb... better penetration of buildings..

    why the hell do we need to be that fast?
    my 15mb home cable.. is blazing..
  16. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    Lol @ palm pre 2??
  17. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    Why so fast? Getting people off the network quickly. Once unlimited dies it's eventual death even on Sprint, gotta have some way to make sure you aren't aware of the fees you're racking up.

    Home cable - a little competition could serve that industry well. Cable prices are way out of pace for what they should be.
  18. sanchez1980us

    sanchez1980us Well-Known Member

    I agree. than I'm thinking its also about sprint iPhone 5 coming in june.
  19. ef3s

    ef3s New Member

    Sprints big announcement may be Google music. A Google music service with unlimited downloads for $10.00 monthly. That is all.
  20. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    If that's it, MSFT missed big time with the Zune Pass linking to the WP7 phones.
  21. I would love to see that happen, but how exactly is that going to be a wireless industry first, it is not even a music first can we all say rhapsody? And why have a blaine? I really think they are going to start opening up wimax 2.
  22. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    That would be nice. How would WiMax 2 translate to our current WiMax devices, and furthermore, I wonder how the speeds would compare to Verizon's beast of an LTE.
  23. bobojay

    bobojay Member

    Just a dumb ass opinion here.....I think it's gonna be the joining WiMax & LTE together on one network.
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  24. I bet it's going to be another 4G devices (that is not the iPhone). Perhaps an Android with a feature that hasn't been seen before, a 4G webOS device, or maybe CDMA+4G Windows Phone 7.
  25. arado58

    arado58 Member

    Dan will announce a new industry first, as promised. As a follow up to the last industry first "Sprint iD", users will now be able to create their own "iD Packs" and upload them to the market. However, a Premium Usage Fee will be required for this functionality.
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