Telus Galaxy S2 (T989D) Ultimate Root and Optimization Guide with Steps

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  1. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Much appreciated thanks!

  2. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    It depends on which rom you are running. On the telus rom I froze social hub (since I don't use it) and wifi sharing and wifi sharing manager (not wifi app). You could freeze any other samsung application you are not using but I would not delete them (just to be safe)

    The other thing I noticed on both my S2 phones is that the damn facebook app keeps running in background even without sync enabled. I find the battery life better without it installed (I use the browser for facebook).
  3. moodyksam

    moodyksam New Member

    I was trying to follow the steps that you have mentioned but instead of clicking on PDA i accidentally clicked on PIT and there was a file in odin folder ( I have downloaded odin using the link that you have mentioned in your thread) and after that I had a yellow light in odin and when I unplugged my phone and tried to go into further recovery mode I just cant do anything with the phone. Its just a black screen

    I would really appreciate if you can help me solve this issue.
  4. Oldschoolwax

    Oldschoolwax Well-Known Member

    man, have you tried pulling out the battery for a bit? Maybe someone around you has a download jig, that might help. Blue1K checks in a lot, I'm sure he knows. You might just be able to claim ignorance and get the carrier to swap it out or fix it for you.
  5. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Aggh. That sucks. Sorry, I was away in Seattle so just checking in now.

    Ok. Loading the pit has possibly ruined your partition tables. Let's try this:

    1. Can you boot in to download mode? Not recovery mode.

    POWER OFF. Then HOLD VOLUME DOWN and keep pressing it and then press power. It will boot you into the following screen. Press UP to confirm you want to flash
    *This is different for us Telus users. T-Mobile have to press both buttons and then connect

    2. If you can, then launch odin, connect your phone and flash the stock Telus rom listed on the front page.

    IF NO. Then I will need to see if we can use fastboot. Hopefully the above works.
  6. troymc8

    troymc8 New Member

    Thanks so much for everything. I successfully unlocked my phone and installed Mr. X's Rooted Telus Rom with CIQ removed. I wanted to install that Ice Cream theme. I am slightly confussed on how to do it, and the telus dialer. Do you have a link with installation of themes on the phone?

    Thanks again mate, will donate.

  7. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    No worries. I can guide you through it. I'll post up a quick step guide (with links) on flashing this theme tomorrow later in the day. :) Been swamped with marking and school crap.
  8. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Ok, I just looked quasi's thread on XDA and he deleted his old themes :(

    Lucky for you I still had them on my computer :)

    The theme works fine except for one thing: the dialer will force close if you go into an area with no reception.

    The other option is to flash Juggernaut 4.1 and then install Quasi's theme from XDA for this rom. My experience was I found the Mr. X rom to have better battery but the downside is there are less themes compatible with it.

    Here is how to flash it:

    Quasi's XDA ICS Theme for Mr. X Telus Rom:

    1. Download these 2 files and copy them to a folder on your phone. Remember which folder this is.
    ICS Theme
    Dialer Fix for Mr. X Telus

    2. Reboot your phone into recovery (see front page on how to do this).

    3. Do a nandroid backup by selecting backup in the main recovery menu

    4. In the main recovery menu, select WIPE CACHE. Then go to advanced and select WIPE DALVIK.

    5. In the main recovery menu, select INSTALL ZIP. On your recovery you may have more than one option: Install Zip from SDCARD or Install ZIP from Internal. Choose the one that will let you navigate to the folder you saved the 2 zip files in to (either on your phone or external sd card).

    6. Install the ICS Complete zip first. Then install the dialer fix zip.

    7. Then wipe cache and dalvik again to be sure of a clean install. Then go to advanced from the main recovery menu and select FIX PERMISSIONS.

    Then reboot and enjoy.

    *A usual rule of thumb is to always wipe dalvik cache and cache before and after installing a theme. Then fix permissions.

    If your phone bootloops for whatever reason, don't panic. Just turn it off, boot into recovery and go into backups/restore and restore your nandroid backup.
  9. xluthor

    xluthor New Member


    I know this forum is mostly rom based questions. I am using the modified Telus rom.

    I'm just curious - Has anyone been successful using Viber with this rom?

    It installs fine for me and connects without issue but I can't hear any audio and the other caller can't hear me. The viber support page lists all models of working phones and the GS2x is listed but it also notes that custom roms can break the functionality.

    Another non-related question is about the bluetooth. I find I need to reboot my phone every couple of days to keep it working with my Jabra cruiser (If not I loose the audio from calls / music even though it's connected). Any thoughts? / Does the BT work better with Mr.X's rom?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has any thoughts on the above two issues.


  10. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Never used Viber so can't comment. Maybe another user has advice?

    Bluetooth was never an issue with me on Mr. X or Juggernaut roms. I have both a BluAnt and Jawbone and both worked perfectly fine for me. :)
  11. xluthor

    xluthor New Member

    Thanks for your quick response and comments.

    You should check Viber out - lol.

    It seems to work really well for everyone else that I have talked to and it would be nice to get a confirmation. Are you using the Mr. X or Juggernaut rom?

    Looking forward to a tweaked ICS - Any idea when it's coming out? The last I heard was the official rom was coming in Feb / March and it will probably take a few more weeks to get it cooked up to tasty perfection :)

    Cheers for a starting a very helpful thread.
  12. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    No one knows for sure. But I would think in about a month.

    I don't have the S2X anymore but I liked Mr.X's rom better when I had the phone. Seemed more stable and battery life was much better. :)
  13. creesh

    creesh Member

    Viber works on mine phone perfectly fine and i do have Mr.X rom. I did not have any issues even before with it. But what i could suggest you to do is to restore your phone to factory settings or try one of the Roms bluek1 posted: Mr.X or Juggernaut.
    I cant see or tell any defects on the phone right know because everything seems to be working well and i hope you will find a solution to yours xluthor.

    @Bluek1 what phone do you have now ?
  14. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    I bought a white Galaxy S2 i9100 but was really hoping to get a Galaxy Note.

    I ended up getting "permission" to buy the Note and instead sold my white S2 for a the same amount I paid for it. If you are married, you know how you may have to give the sales presentation speech...:rolleyes:

    I teach math so the idea of having a device that can be used for online help and tutoring is perfect for me :)

    That and apparently I have "issues" with getting new phones all the time lol :D

    Hopefully my phone arrives in the next day or so. Using a Nokia and I'm ready to microwave it.
  15. creesh

    creesh Member

    LOL i know what you mean...same situation here -- i was looking to get the Nexus but after few discussion i decided not to do so -- because me speech was not as good as yours i believe :D
  16. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    hey I was wondering if any of the t-mobile ROMS work for the Telus T989D? I know you shouldn't use a t-mobile modem.
  17. fideli

    fideli New Member

    T-Mobile ROMs for T989 work without a problem. I've tried a number of them off XDA and settled on Juggernaut with the Faux kernel. The modem/radio doesn't change when you flash a ROM so it's convenient. Enjoy!
  18. Blue1k

    Blue1k Well-Known Member

    Just make sure to disable to Wifi calling in settings as this doesn't work for us.
  19. Cabanon

    Cabanon Member

    hey guys. im rooted my phones no problems. before i flash to a new rom, i need to backup my device, especially my Angry Birds save file. the problem is, everywhere i look on google, it says the save file are located in "/data/data/com.rovio.angrybirds (use corresponding names for seasons and rio)/files" but on my evice, there's no "data" folder in "data". i do have titanium backup installed (not the pro) but once i click backup, does it backup the save files as well ? or just the app ?

    thanks from a newbie.

    EDIT: found out that ES File Explorer was the problem, i tried Root Explorer and it worked 1st try. thanks.
  20. Cabanon

    Cabanon Member

    i had the same problems, what i did was just re-try the installation and it worked. great guide btw !
  21. MenaceInc

    MenaceInc Member

    Great guide. Thanks OP.

    The rooting worked first attempt. Smooth as Molson Golden ;)
  22. creesh

    creesh Member

    Does anyone know how to change the wallpaper when you boot up your phone ? Not the one of Samsung but the one of your carrier for example, mine is the Telus 4G picture that comes up after the samsung galaxy picture? Any idea blue1k
  23. fideli

    fideli New Member

    Those are the first few frames of the stock boot animation. Switching to a custom ROM will likely replace the boot animation and therefore will change that Telus 4G picture.
  24. creesh

    creesh Member

    i got the Mr.x Telus rom -- whats the custom rom i do have to flash in order to get rid of it ?
  25. Cabanon

    Cabanon Member

    how do i install the ICS theme ? the xda thread doesnt help very much with 250+ pages.

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