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  1. Chew

    Chew Well-Known Member

    I'm having a problem trying to install a different keyboard. I've tried a couple different ones and it's the same problem.

    When I access the "Language & Keyboard" area in Settings, the new keyboard is displayed and I have it checked. Yet, when I go into the Touch Input setting, the new keyboard is not displayed in the Keyboard Types dropdown.

    I cleared the cache on Touch settings. I rebooted. Nothing seems to work.

    According to this guide, that's all I need to do. :(
    How to install a new keyboard on the HTC Aria - Know Your Cell

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

  2. Chew

    Chew Well-Known Member

    Well, I figured it out.

    I long-pressed on a search box and that brought up the option to select a different keyboard.

    It's working now.

    It still doesn't explain that guide though. :)
  3. dexmix

    dexmix Active Member

    that site sucks.
    the guide is a generic "guide" and they just copy and paste the same guide for every htc phone.

    the Aria doesn't have an "Input method" in the Language and Keyboard settings of the stock ROMs. Every other guide I've ever seen says you need to Long Press a text input field to get that menu.

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