Unbrick Phone from LG Screen

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  1. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Hahaha yeah I had to. But basically I didn't. I bricked my first Optimus a while ago and one day messing around with key combinations I found this trick. And so far its working for everyone else. Lol

  2. Mikenly

    Mikenly Well-Known Member

    Haha scary stuff there and thanks for this. Now there's no way for noobs to really destroy their phone from the inside out without it being able to be fixed.
  3. jay239

    jay239 Active Member

    I need help i think i bricked my phone :( when it starts up it says LG and then it says Fastboot mode started udc () or something like that what do i do???
  4. jay239

    jay239 Active Member

    I downloaded that file and when i try to instal LGNPST it says failed to load Skin.dll?

    does anybody know what that means? please help?
  5. playnex

    playnex Member

    im having the same issue. But i have VS740.dll file. What do i do with it?
  6. jay239

    jay239 Active Member

    im not sure what in the world it means
  7. playnex

    playnex Member

    Does anyone know how to get the dll in the box on lgnpst.exe. I got the bin. But when i click the folder to choose my dll file. Theres nothing in the box. What do i do?
  8. playnex

    playnex Member

    Okay. i Deleted everything and i started from square 1 all over again. Now Lgnpst.exe regonizes the .dll file & the .bin file. But when i click start... It then says everything will be deleted, i click okay, Then it immediatley says Finished. Then it says Sub proccesing ERRor. What did i do wrong? Im going to delete everything again and see if it helps to do it again. But please...What am i doing wrong?

    okay, i did the whole process again, Nothing changed... sadly... still need help.
  9. avira

    avira New Member

    I have the same problem
  10. rontron

    rontron Member

    Dial *228 then press 5 to update your Preferred Roaming List and this should reset any changes that were made to the settings when it got bricked. See if that helps

    If your phone's MEID were changed to all zeros during the emergency recovery which you can check by going into Settings > About Phone > Status. Then you have to change your MEID back to it's original one by following this guide.
  11. realety

    realety New Member

    When I push all the buttons and then plug in. The LGNPSt takes me to the phone book recovery screen. It doesnt give me the option to load the bin file. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Will this work is flash_image was used and caused the problem?
    I had crossed the names during the command of:
    "flash_image recovery /sdcard/<CUSTOM RECOVERY IMG>"

    with a .zip file (the ROM file instead of the custom recovery file) and now it boots up with:
    astboot mode started
    -- suspend --
    -- reset --
    -- portchange --
    fastbook; processing commands

    Will this process work for this issue?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. lgfreak13

    lgfreak13 New Member

    the steps didnt work for me can someone help me please . my phone is still on s/w upgrade mode .
  14. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    I just sent you a pm. Take a look at it. LOL
  15. aovaici

    aovaici Well-Known Member

    I do the register thing, but there is no DLL to select, I dont get it :(
  16. aovaici

    aovaici Well-Known Member

    Hm, REFUSED to show up on my desktop, showed up first try on my laptop, go figure. Going to try and recover now :( Wish me luck.
  17. aovaici

    aovaici Well-Known Member

    Finally, fixed it, wow, what a pain in the pass.
  18. aovaici

    aovaici Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, I just did this whole deal so I thought I would try to help and retype everything a bit since it's a VERY pain in the ass process if you have to go through the whole ordeal, first, you DONT need to let the battery run down all the way...

    1) Popout the battery leaving one end of your power cord plugged into computer or charger and the other end ready to plugin to the phone.

    2) Holddown Vol Down + Back key + Camera + Power buttons, like mentioned above, and while holding those keys plugin the other end of the cord into the phone, the phone should boot into S/W Screen. Let go of the buttons and pop the battery back in.

    3) Restore Like mentioned in original post.

    4) Check for service.. if you are lucky, you are done. Otherwise continue.

    5) Go to Settings --> About Phone --> Check to see if your MEID is there.. Follow the guide posted above or the link below if your MEID is a bunch of zeros.


    6) Check for service, if done, they yay :D, otherwise you need to call metropcs on another phone and ask them to help you manually program the phone.

    7) Restart / check for service. If fail dial *228 then option 5 and you SHOULD be good to go. This is what I had to do, FINALLY got service :( If wanted, you CAN reroot :D I did.

    ***) If all else fails and you are still under warranty go to metropcs corporate store and claim "you called up *228 and try to update the roaming list and your phone randomly crashed after you got the message that updating of the roaming list failed" and they should replace your phone. They did it with me, but I got it fixed before needing it.
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  19. Allebb

    Allebb New Member

    Hello! First post, long time reader :)

    for those that cant select the dll file:

    ~open cmd window (start menu and type cmd in search box) then right click and run as admin

    ~type in (or paste) regsvr32 "C:\LG Electronics\LGNPST\Model\MTP\MS690.dll" (if that is your path, if not, change it accordingly)

    ~open LGNPST, and your file should be in there.

    Hope this helps
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  20. drummerguy123

    drummerguy123 New Member

    So...I have the lg phoenix and it does not have a camera button. Any idea what I should do??
  21. hi well everything is good till i try to use LGNPST, it says cant load skin dll. i have redownloaded twice now, same thing. what is it that i'm doing wrong.
  22. shamx

    shamx Active Member

    The Phoenix is an att version, since it doesn't have a camera button the sequence must be another combination to get to the s/w mode. You should try the other physical buttons. Also not sure if this method is universal for the entire optimistic one lineup tho :/
  23. i have tried this and my phone screen still stays frozen.
  24. drummerguy123

    drummerguy123 New Member

    I think i figured out the button combination (up + back + power) but now i am having troubles unzipping the f.bin file. I have 7 zip but it won't unzip it into a .bin file....
  25. ysehak

    ysehak Member

    LGNPST says i need a spc code and cdma workshop is saying my phone is not answering please help!!!

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