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wssyncmlnps won't stop syncing messages!Support

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  1. Farseen

    Farseen Member

    Hey All,

    I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 I337M.

    I first used 'SmartSwitch' to transfer all my iPhone data, and then have been using Kies to manage music (and photos I suppose).

    My messaging app has been real sluggish and crashes like 30% of the time. I checked my notifications panel and it says my phone is syncing 'Messages'. I also notice my text message list is forever expanding, so I assume it's grabbing all my old conversations from my old iPhone backup.

    Upon further investigation I notice it's the service 'wssyncmlnps'. I can stop it, but when I reboot it appears again and down goes my Messaging app. Super sluggish again.

    Any insight? I could delete the service if it's not needed for anything, but I'm not sure?


  2. krdell

    krdell Member

    Did you ever resolve this, I having the same problem with an unrooted phone!
  3. Farseen

    Farseen Member

    Nooe! Just freezed it using Titanium Backup. :(
  4. Dogga85

    Dogga85 New Member

    Did you ever end up sorting it out? I have just encountered the EXACT same issue coming from an iPhone and using Smart switch, this is SO damn annoying. It always gets stuck on 50% and when I delete the ridiculously old messages it just automatically re-syncs them, I don't even know how or where is re-syncs them from!!!

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to permanently delete this old messages and stop it from re-syncing them!

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