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Zenithink ZT-180 1GHz 10" tabletGeneral

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  1. cm-mojo

    cm-mojo New Member

    the specs say capacitive screen - is it actually? does it support multi touch?

  2. vfastbear

    vfastbear Member

    OK, It looks the same as mine, the pics of the firmware etc is exactly the same as mine is number wise . I`m not sure what the screen type is, its a hard surface, and only very minimal pressure is required , Its quite sensitive but very controllable, movement and updates are fast .( my sons IPad really only needs to be brushed very slightly ) .
  3. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    So, so far, for those who have this tablet - what is your opinion? Is it worth the money or should we wait for something else?
  4. hipditch

    hipditch Member

    Ok, so I don't know how everyone else got theirs delivered but mine was sent EMS, and from what I have read on other forums, they are really slooooooowwwwwwww.
    My tracking number says that the package went through china customs and left China and headed to Canada on the 26th and it still says that now. I have heard of someone who's package took 8 days just to go from China to Canada customs. I don't uderstand how it can take that long once its through china customs to get to canadian customs, do they use a row boat to get it over? haha

    Anyways I am just wondering how most people got their shipped, and out of the people that recieved their apads did you get charged duty?, how much?, what carrier?

    Either way I'm excited to get mine, and also to note...... If your looking to get your apad from alibaba like I did, If you sign up for an account you save $5 of a purchase of $50 or more (Not sure if its expired yet) and also dont be afraid to haggle a little bit to get stuff thrown in... I got a free 4gb card and the price reduced a little.
  5. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    mine was ems, 3 days to Australia. The product ships with two videos on the nand. use the explorer to play the videos if you want a good demonstration of what it can do. There is a Japan HD video and a HD k-pop music clip. Looks very cool, and nice since I speak some Korean. :)

    The videos I try myself, such as mkv, don't work as well.
  6. onyx024

    onyx024 Member

    I went through the same site but used Upse (the fastest shipping possibale for obvious reasons) but just order it yesterday and it says 3 day processing, so i wont know anything more until it is sent and i cant start tracking it but ill diffenitly let you know when it ships if it gets stuck in customs.

    On another note Is there a webiste or fourms i should be paying close attention to for updates? Like I said I have no problems with flashing roms to my phone i wonder if this is going to be anything simalar to that?

    for those who have it already whats your overall opinion on the unit? is multi-touch or no?

    Thanks in advance for the heads up on everything.
  7. senee

    senee Member

    Hello from Thailand...
    I've just ordered mine yesterday (30 July) at **********.
    It will take 10 days for order processing, so i expect to get it via EMS around mid of August (the status says 'stock', so i hope the seller can ship faster than 10 days).
    Will test the unit and write a brief review after i received and tested.
    Happy to see you all who share the same interesting gadget.

    PS: Sorry about my poor English.
  8. onyx024

    onyx024 Member

    Thats odd i ordered mine on the 29th and it was only 3 day processing and i used the fastest shipping there was. Even today it says 3 day processing. Oh well hopefully you do get your sooner then mid august.. The more people who have them the better.
  9. jeob

    jeob New Member


    @icurafu i have the smartq V7 like you. I find the last version of V7 very good except for the web browsing performance( i found it very slowly to loading completly a page) what about the web perfomance of this tablet ? versus Smartq V7 can you give me your opinion ?

    Thank you and sorry for my english :)

    PS : Apprently there are different version where do you think i should order it.
  10. hipditch

    hipditch Member

    When I ordered mine it took 3 days to ship then another 2 days to pass china customs. I would say all together it will take around two weeks, so mid august is about right.
  11. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Specs update.
    CPU - IMAPX200 r5 (over 1000 bogoMIPS) But this is odd, because it is identified as ARMv6TEJ - This may be closely related to the Shouying PID1110. I'm confused by this as it would indicate that we have an ARM11 and not a CortexA8 as described. Can anyone confirm the CortexA8 is there?

    GPU - Vivante GC600 (::: Vivante Corporation I Products/Mobile Visual Reality :::) nice specs :)

    Current driver is OpenGL 1.1 so that's why some OpenGL apps are failing.

    Frame buffer and crossbar combiner is not supported, but DOT3 and cube maps are there.

    Confirmed 256MB RAM, but only about 90MB is available after boot.

    uses a zenithink 2 axis accelerometer.
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  12. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    It's a completely different experiance. SmartQ V7 was usable but the zt180 is amazing. I'll try and do some benchmarks later.
  13. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

  14. hipditch

    hipditch Member

    Thanks! Thats some info I haven't seen before. It's great seeing this being done, It gives me hope for further development for this unit.

    I'm new to all of this really and I don't know a whole lot when it comes to hardware... But from what I know, the cortex a8 is much better than the arm11 right?
    -How could we confirm if the cortex a8 is actually in our machine?
    -Its also good to see a nice GPU
    -is it possible to update/change the OpenGL driver?
    -What does this mean for the user: "Frame buffer and crossbar combiner is not supported"?
    - I have read those same results about the ram somewhere else, I guess it really does take that much to run 2.1
    - too bad it isnt 3 axis, I wonder if this will affect many apps.

  15. Laharl

    Laharl Well-Known Member

    Could you do some youtube videos?
  16. wowawiwa

    wowawiwa New Member

    I've been able to take inside pictures of the Zenithink device, if posted them on Rapidshare. In the mean time i try figuring out how to get the USB debugging enabled to get some more information about it. At the moment i can't get any information from dmesg, the mini-usb port won't give out any signals till so far.

    Please take a look at the pictures download them at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=11UBEVCD

    Ive also opened a thread on the XDA developers site in hope to get some more information
    on this device.

    Looking at the device specifications it looks like this one

    The processor is particularly suited to high-performance applications.

    • Frequency from 600MHz to 1GHz and above
    • High-performance, Superscalar microarchitecture
    • NEON™technology for multi-media and SIMD processing
    • Binary compatibility with ARM926, ARM1136, and ARM1176 Processors
    Source : arm.com. http://www.arm.com/products/processors/cortex-a/cortex-a8.php

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  17. Wickedkortex

    Wickedkortex Member

    Hi @ All

    how long is the max battery time in use? (not standby)
  18. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Hey, the specs say a8 but the software identifies it in Android as arm11 with jazzelle Android thumb with a fpu. So i would be careful and not always trust the specs of these kinds of items.

    Those image identity...

    LVDS transmitter

    Hynix ram is just standard 1x1Gb DDR2 ram module.

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  19. Hinagiku

    Hinagiku New Member

    JT's Digital World Zenithink 10 inches Cortex-A8 Ipad Clone ZT180

    the linpack score is even much higher than Nexus One and Galaxy S

    I think Zenithink just use a ARM11, and use ARM11-optimized JIT patch to get such a high score

    With a JIT patch, a samsung i5700(ARM11 800MHz) can get a linpack score of 7.5-8Mlops
    Compared with this, Zenithink's 1GHz ARM11 will get 9.5-10Mflops, which is sensiable.
    While a true cortex-A8 without JIT get 7MFlops(Nexus One) or 8 MFlops(Samsung Galaxy S)
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  20. mlist

    mlist New Member

    icurafu, this is what i read somewhere online:

    This model is a new product and the firmware do not support the USB 3G or the Android market function temporarily. The hardware updating is in the process of R&D (research and development).

    have the problems been resolved yet? thanks!
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  21. chipsandnuts

    chipsandnuts Member

    Hello. I'm kind of a noob in this whole tablet business but I'm really looking at getting this Zenithink 10 in tablet. I was just browsing **********.com and I came upon 2 products which looks VERY similar but have different prices. Do u guys know the difference between them?

    Wholesale android 2.1 mid Product-Wholesale 10inch MID handheld pc ZT 180 with Android 2.1 OS Tablet PC 1GHz 256MB RAM Laptop free shipping


    Wholesale 10" laptop Product-Wholesale 10inch MID EPAD UMPC ZT 180 with Android 2.1 OS Tablet PC 256MB RAM Laptop Telechip Dual core

    I've tried chatting with the store owner but she isn't responding. Any help will be appreciated :)

  22. justquietly

    justquietly New Member

  23. Laharl

    Laharl Well-Known Member

    I'm getting excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Order should be shipping out on Monday the 2nd and I should have it in 3 to 5 days!!!!!

    And I should also be getting a free 4gig card too so I will have 6gigs to use until My 32gig chip comes in!
  24. pmbroth

    pmbroth New Member

    Hello All.
    I have not received my APAD as of yet, should be in the next few weeks. It has the 1ghz zt-180. It will have android 2.1. The question I have is, is the cpu the same as ARM A8? The reason is flat computing will be releasing android 2.2 and wanted to know if this will work. All the specs seem exactly the same, the only thing is it says Arm A* cortex, and mine is as I stated the ZT 180.

    ROM – Firmware Update notice | Flat Computing

    Please let me know if I can use this or not, as I want to go to Android 2.2.
    Thank you

  25. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the quote. Both are not fixed yet. USB 3G settings returns an exception and the market won't even install when I try to force it with a vending.apk. I think they just need to customise it before it will work.

    Let's cross out fingers for next release.
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