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  1. MakeGT

    MakeGT New Member

    Hy, i have a Racer II, and it has only 208 RAM instead of 512. Any ideea how to unlock them? Or how to upgrade to 2.3,maybe this will solve the problem.

    P.S : Z4 Root and Universal Androot 1.6 beta doesn`t work.

  2. Brainless

    Brainless Member

    This is normal. Other part is reserved for android.
  3. MakeGT

    MakeGT New Member

    Buit a friend of mine,has a Alcatel OT-908 and he has 512 MB of RAm, and in task manager apperat 489,but my racer shows only 208,and we both have androin 2.2. So where are 200Mb of ram? How much can eat Android sistem? I think they are locked just like ZTE BLADE.
  4. Brainless

    Brainless Member

    Racer2 have only 256MB RAM. On some sites it is incorrectly specified as 512MB RAM.

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