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  1. W

    Help Racer recovery image and stock ROM download

    Is it still possible to download the recovery image and stock ROM for a Racer (Three network)? The stock recovery image was the only one I could get to recover a bricked Racer, so I could do with that in particular.
  2. S

    Root Help root a ZTE Racer II

    can anyone tell me how to root zte racer 2!? I have tried hunred of diffrent apps
  3. S

    Help Zte racer

    i have a zte racer which i took back to factory setting now i have lost Skype and i cannot load it back on at all,.Not even on google or play store .Can anyone help please It is on the 3 carrier
  4. F

    Root Recovery backup

    Hi, is there a way to create a backup for the recovery ? I wanna install clockworkmod but I'm affraid it does not work, so is there a way to do it ? thanks
  5. zubagy

    Zte Racer II. Questions that need answers

    Hey, I mainly started this thread for newbies who realy want to get some where. I ve a Zte Racer II and I would like some 1 to show me how to back up my Rom. Please.
  6. M

    Root Need help with ZTE Racer with bootloader

    I have zte racer II, and have any problems with it :\ Using fastboot i erase bootloader, recovery and system files. Now CWM and bootloader wont work :( I cant turn on the phone. Coming android logo and phone go restart, again again :( HELP
  7. zubagy

    Root How to recover a ZTE Racer II

    Am so new to this stuff :o, but here goes, i installed my Zte racer II on my computer, the driver that installed was "adb", so i kind of run the "Fast boot" program, yaaaah :rolleyes:, everything turned out 2 be a mess. Instructions were, "turn on the phone pressing the vol+ and connect it...
  8. Digital Controller

    ***Attention all ZTE Users***

    Big update coming here, we finally have a ZTE forum under the Manufacturer's list of forums here: ZTE Manufacturer's Forum In this forum you can post your general questions and queries regarding ZTE. These questions can be regarding to a device that possibly is not listed in the forums yet, or...
  9. T

    Help Touch screen unresponsive

    My ZTE Racer was fine up until last night when the top half of the touchscreen became unresponsive. I turned the phone off for the night and when I turned it on this morning there was some improvement. Now it's only a strip of screen across the top that's unresponsive instead of the whole top...
  10. T

    Help The application LauncherWind has stopped unexpectedly. Please try forever.

    I have a problem in which when I start my phone I get the error message: The application LauncherWind(process com.wind_mobi.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I suspect LauncherWind comes from a desktop theme I got 3~4 months ago. The other forum dwellers have said I have...
  11. N

    Root RACER II (2) Help-me for extract firmware ...

    Hallo, can everyone help me for extract my zte racer 2 firmware from my phone for making my own cyanogenmod ? i m linux user .
  12. J

    Help Lagging on apps

    So I recently installed fruit ninja and jet pack joyride but both of them seem to be lagging badly. I have downloaded some more but in the end it turns out they all lag. Any advices?
  13. M

    Help android apps uninstalling themselves?!

    first off these are not apps that were installed on an sd card, these apps were on the phone itself, and one of which is the android market itself, the other is facebook. and also its not just that it changed to play store, play store isnt there, market isnt there, the shortcut doesnt work and...
  14. J

    Root ZTE RACERII P728L can't hardreset just hangs on logo thenreboots

    when you switch on shows adroid logo then hangs at orange logo for a while then reboots again and again. when you press vol+ and pwr it hangs on android logo. when you press vol _ + pwr button it hangs on a rectangular sign with exclamation mark between and indroid icon below. what are the...
  15. B

    Root zte racer II wont open bootloader. plz help!

    hello, i rooted my racer2 about a week ago. i like to mess with smartphones but this time i wish i didnt. i guess all happened when i used that mod manager aplication on my phone. now, i cant open bootloader/recovery/FTM or whatever it is, i dont think it matters because i cant open any of them...
  16. D

    zte v852 a.ka freddo a.k.a dreamer

    Hi all.. sorry I know this is a racer forum but since I have difficulties searching infos regarding tweaks and upgrades for my zte freddo anywhere and since racer is zte's phone with the closest resemblence to freddo so I wonder if any of you guys might know if the tweaks and upgrade of racer...
  17. Z

    Root Zte Racer Wont Boot....Just vibrates...and red light blinks

    i tried to flash gen to to this phone the software said ok..after it finished flashing it said it will reboot...but it didn't.Now it wont turn on...it just vibrates and the red light blinks....my pc cant detect my phone?????? PlZZZZZ help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. SuburbanSteve

    Backing up .apk files

    I'm trying to backup some apps to sideload them onto my kindel fire but am not sure what program to use to do it, I tried "app manager" now named "ultimate backup" but it didn't run correctly on my racer it just froze :confused: so I would appreciate any help or advice on the problem. Thanx. :)
  19. E

    Help hard reset

    how do i make a hard reset on my zte racer android phone
  20. D-U-R-X

    Racer FAQ's (WIP)

    This is a work in progress... Please continue to post support questions in the forum, but feel free to add to the FAQ's and we will update this post (to avoid information being lost later in the thread). 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there...
  21. S

    Help ZTE Racer II touch issues

    Well i bought this phone couple days ago. At the start everything works fine, but after some time of usage i got weird problem with touch. When I try to write sms or phone number, my touch go crazy and writhing anything become impossible. When i try to write ie. letter "a" phone write "p" or "H"...
  22. S

    I can't turn on my zte racer II...

    It all started when the app called Viber started saying that it is crashing. I decided to restart the phone, so I turned it off. I decided to turn it on a few moments later, but then all the problems started. I couldn't do it. It just showed a green android logo and stayed like that. I couldn't...
  23. D

    Root zte racer 2 fm radio help pls

    could you help fm radio apk
  24. M

    Help ZTE RACER II RAM Ammount

    Hy, i have a Racer II, and it has only 208 RAM instead of 512. Any ideea how to unlock them? Or how to upgrade to 2.3,maybe this will solve the problem. P.S : Z4 Root and Universal Androot 1.6 beta doesn`t work.
  25. M

    Help ZTE RACER II Headset volume

    Hello,i`ve bought 2 weeks ago a Racer II,and it has a low volume at headset in his own Media Player. Do you have any idea how to make him to hear louder without PowerAMP,Winamp etc...cuz at one point,they start to disort the sound. Thanks!