Aug 3, 2012
My phone recently updated to Android 12 which appears to have introduced a strange bug. I have multiple group texts with family and friends. On some of the text messages some people's phone numbers are being corrupted by adding +52 and making them 'untextable'. In my address book the number shows ok but when I try to text them it adds the '+52' and the text is rejected. The only way I've been able to fix this is by deleting the threads I've had for years (dumb fix). Not sure if this is an Android or iPhone issue.


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I remembered something about something I'd not really read a while ago on Reddit, may be just what you need:

I spoke with Google Support, and the fix ended up being that I needed to uninstall Google Messages updates, then the relaunch Messages. From there, the contact 'fixed' itself and reverted back to country code that was set to the original contact number +1 (US).

After that, I updated Messages again to the latest version, and all is well. Wild, but glad it is working now.

I didn't copy the whole thing obviously but the OP there was having your exact +52 issue, hopefully this works.