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Advice on Roms

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jreink01, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    Yesterday I tried to use Navigation since I went to the touched by sg4 and it was searching for GPS forever.. I restarted my phone and it locked right up, up to 6 meters accuracy.. IDK, was weird but it worked.


  2. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    Although my phone's GPS works just fine, I feel like I'm about the only one that never uses it lol. I have a GPS nav I use in my Jeep and say what you want about gps phone apps, but I have never seen any phone compare to a real GPS nav.
  3. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    Ive been using wild for the night. The 4/18 version. I absolutely love it. Today I tried baked.blackbean for the first time and so far its GREAT. all the inverted stuff is really cool. These arey two favorite ROMs so far
  4. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    Been on touched by sg4 v1.2, wasn't all that impressed, on baked black bean now..will report back, can say now tho..with so many customization options it can seem confusion.. It is far from your regular stock type rom..could be good or bad thing.. i do like how it has a built in wifi tethering app tho.. my main concerns are battery life and the best data/tethering possible. I tried to removing the proxy with this rom by doing ##data# but was not led to the same options(no response actually)..any one know if this is needed or already removed?

    EDIT:: I can tell you right off the bat..I get lower Antutu Scores from baked blake bean versus touched by sg4 1.2..I got 8858 on baked black bean , on touched by sg4g i got 9800ish..kinda disappointing
  5. i4cbj45

    i4cbj45 Well-Known Member

    I am running Magical unicorn AOPK 4.2 and I can saw EVERYTHING works and it's nice. Had to fix mms but other than that it's flawless. Certainly my D.D from this point until something as stable with more features comes along.
  6. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Well got to say after having my new toy for acouple weeks now, I have tried quite a few and I must say its a lot different coming from the warp lol

    Touch Wiz Based Roms

    Touched by sg4 v1.2
    FTW annihalation
    Blackbean with Jelly

    Aosp Based Roms

    Magical unicorn
    Wild for the night
    Baked Blackbean
    King Kang

    And I must say out of all the ones I have tried and benched and the ease of setup, everything working etc, got to say I love Slim, then it would have to be Baked lol, love that rom. Both are extremely fast, smooth and I love Slim because it seems its updated alittle more often, there all great and have there strong and weak points but again just my opinion.... :D
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  7. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    thanks for the insight...does Slim bean have built in wifi tethering app with toggle like baked black bean?
  8. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Yes it has both USB and wifi tethering. :D
  9. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    cool, gonna try it out now then
  10. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    And check out the addins, if you do 4.3 you will not need any but if you do the 5.0 you can get the gapps and other goodies lol :D
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  11. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    I'm not sure if I understand..I got the newest version from 5/3/2013 and the newest gapps from 5/4/2013 i think.. I thought it was 4.2.2?

    Also, is there a 3g hack section or buffer mod like in baked black bean? I can't find it under settings..other then that I like slim more already.

    It is much better for my gps for some reason and it reconnects to my 3g much quicker ( i use juice defender which cuts it off, and black bean would take forever to reconnect to my 3g after the phone was woken back up). Definitely a very responsive rom slim is.
  12. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    I was talking about build 4.3 and the newest build 5.0 and as far as a 3g hack may look on slims site and if there's one there, my 3g works great and my 4g is unreal lol:D
  13. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

  14. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    So I've been on Slim bean for a almost a day now and I alrdy like it more then baked black bean..and I can prolly say also more then touched by SG4 altho SG4 is not a AOSP like the others..

    I noticed slim is much quicker and naturally optimized compared to baked.. at first I thought I would miss the tweaks you can turn off and on in baked black bean ( like 3g speed uncap, buffer increase, turn off log-cat etc..) but it seems slim bean might have those already applied as I am getting the most consistant and highest ratings on speedtest.. Also antutu scores slim beans about 1000 points higher then baked black bean with a completely untouched ROM.

    One thing I noticed about slim bean is that he uses the Nova launcher which my only beef with that is you can not create a folder on your desktop to group apps without buying the premium version of Nova, with baked black bean you can create the folders without a purchase as it uses a different launcher. minor difference but still noticeable for me.

    all in all, I think the battery life out of the 3 roms previously mentioned so far would be best on Slim bean.. I have yet to tether with Slim but I am guessing that because of my higher constant speedtest scores that it will most likely be one of , if not , the best in that category.

    I use juice defender which cuts off 3g when the phones screen is off and restores it when it is unlocked ( it is great to help save battery life). With bake black bean , it would take almost 1-2 minutes to restore 3g data connection as slim bean only takes about 10-30 seconds. One flaw I seem to have found that happened in both baked black bean and slim is that with juice defender active the GPS would not lock that great and would always be looking for satellites, making the navigation impossible. As soon as I turned off juice defender, my GPS locked right up and navigation was fine.. I figured this out while on Slim but I assume it would be the same deal with bake black bean since being both AOSP roms, they are very similar other then tweaks and launchers really.

    Looks like I will be sticking with Slim bean for now, thanks for your input Doc :)
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  15. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Im glad you like it and I guess another reason I like it is he gives you the options of addons instead of throwing a lot of stuff in, you can add what you want, I got the highest bench of 10800 with slim bean and working on getting it higher lol......... ;)
  16. shezzy

    shezzy Android Enthusiast

    what addons are you using? I just using the gapps..didn't really see any addons I needed that weren't anything but a fancy toy..like facelock or voice dialer..do you use Photosphere or does it even work for the sg2? TBH I'm not even clear as to what Photosphere is
  17. Doc

    Doc Android Expert

    Im using the extras addon:

    • Email Exchange
    • News and Weather widget
    • Stock launcher
    • Google Music
    I use all these on a day to day kinda thing and been using Zeam launcher, works great, nice and fast...............;)
  18. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    Man, oh man! I want to thank you SO much for these settings, I've been trying forever to get my MMS working on my favorite Rom (Pac-In-Black). Finally it works! Rock and roll!!
  19. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I just received a notification on goo manager that wild for the night rom has a update. I downloaded the rom and gapps. I then, in recovery wiped caches and flashed the rom and gapps. When I rebooted a Window kept popping up saying something about gapps not responding. I had to refresh my backup. I can't remember, do I have to flash gapps when doing a dirty flash. I went to the wftn xda site and it said something about turn off calibration data before flashing the latest update. Also it said to, after rebooting to wipe data on clock, I've never done that before. Do I need to do that and if so, how do I do that?
  20. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Android Enthusiast

    just wipe cache and delvik cache and flash the ROM (it will be in the goomanager folder on your internal sdcard) no need to reflash gapps, it did mess up nova launcher prime and teslaunread plugin, but a quick reinstall of those two apks and all was good.
  21. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Do I have to turn off calibration data and wipe data on the clock after reboot?? Thats what it said in the xda thread but I've never done that before.
  22. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Android Enthusiast

    I didn't, but it could cause problems for some. I don't even know how to turn that off.
    Generally you SHOULD follow whatever the developer says since they are the ones who created or ported it, and they usually have you do certain things for a reason.
  23. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I will try to just flash it and see what happens. If I run into problems, I can always restore my backup. Are you currently on the latest version of wftn??
  24. Gendo420

    Gendo420 Android Enthusiast

    Yea updated it this morning
  25. jreink01

    jreink01 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm having a problem with the wild for the night rom. I am on the latest update. I have noticed that everyonce in a while, I will get a window that pops up saying unfortunatly, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped. This has been going on for some time but recently it has gotten worse, it has been popping up quite a bit now. Also, frequently, another window also pops up saying trebuchet is not responding and when that window pops up, I can do nothing, not even reboot. I have to take the battery out to reboot the phone. I thought these issues were related to google play store so I cleared data, still had the same issue. I also went so far as to do a factory reset, clear all caches and reinstall the rom, when it boots the first time, I get the same window that says com.google.process.gapps has stopped. I press ok and another window pops up saying unfortunatly, setup wizard has stopped, then another window pops up saying clock has stopped. Then it cycles back to the com.google.process and starts this cycle all over again. If I let the screen go off, I can't get it to come back on without having to take the battery out. I can't go any farther than these windows. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Please help.

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