Jun 14, 2022

I have an Khadas Vim3 single board computer with Android 9 installed on it. I wanted to add to it modem for mobile connection. I got myself Simcom SIM7600 connected through M.2 and extension board (that contains SIM card slot). I have follow the instruction, added following lines to init.rc
service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild - l /system/lib/libreference-ril.so
class main
socket rild stream 660 root radio
socket rild - debug stream 660 radio system
#---- gps supported ??? --------------------
socket rild - gps stream 660 radio system
user root
group radio cache inet misc audio sdcard_rw

I have also copied /system/lib/libreference-ril.so and /system/lib/libril.so from the driver package for the modem.

Problem is, it seems like device is still behaving like there's no functional modem plugged in.

Please help