Android europa problems


Hi I just bought the android europa because I thought it would be easier/ better than cookie phone for texting. because the touch screen on Android is definately better.

That being said the standard texting app on the Android falls short in a number of ways 1. the view is terrible. should allow inbox/outbox/drafts/sent.

It does not allow you to forward mail or add other recipients to the list (what list it only allows single person texts)k

There are lots of things I like about the phone don't get me wrong but I am so frustrated with some of them that I thought I had to get it off my chest and maybe even get rid of the phone.

The music player does not play wav files or some files which have been ripped from cds. This is terrible and the cheap little cookie from LG does. it plays everything.

I have tried a bunch of music players for the galaxy but none of them work with my files. Help if you can. point me to one that works.

I do like all the apps you can get like the guitar tuner. dictionary etc.

I am not able to delete apps AHHHHHHHHHHH! I have deleted the google search window which was on the desktop but I only wanted to move to app gallery, oops.


One bite at a time...
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If you don't like the SMS app on your phone, try Handcent or ChompSMS or Go SMS from the Android Market. Each will likely have features not found in your stock SMS app.

With respect to music, my first suggestion is to convert your WAV files into a somewhat less proprietary format. WAV files, aka Audio for Windows, is a PC audio format created by Microsoft and IBM. Uncompressed WAV files tend to be rather large. Personally I'd convert them to MP3 format but that's just me...

Lastly when you deleted the Google Search widget you probably just deleted it from the home screen. Try long pressing on an open space on the home screen and selecting widgets from the dialog box displayed. My guess is that the Google Search widget is still there.