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Android messaging phone anybody?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by eparker05, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. eparker05

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    Ok, I'm just shooting the wind here, but my friend on at&t has a 'messaging phone' the features of this phone are:
    *Excellent SMS client
    *email client
    *mobile-web browser
    *crappy media player
    His phone lacks an app store, streaming media of any sort, a full web browser, and most of the other things us smart phone lovers take for granted.

    But I got to thinking; there is no reason that Android couldn't work as the OS for one of these types of phones. An Android phone lacking the app market and locked from unsigned apps could include handcent SMS, gmail, g-calendar, a media player, and opera (ie; mobile web only). A phone like this would be a kick-ass messaging phone that saved the carriers money on data, and made them money on feature phone data+sms plans.

    To protect revenue, the carrier could sign the OS so, if it was hacked, they would automatically upgrade the plan to a smartphone data plan (like they do if you put a dumb-phone SIM card in a blackberry).

    I wouldn't want a phone like this as I love my apps, love streaming media, and like the full web, but I know my friend would like this. My girlfriend also likes Android, loves to text, and she doesn't want a full data plan.

    What do you all think, am I crazy?


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