Help anyone put gingerbread or honeycomb on a ft3??


Morning all,
have tried a search but on the tablet the seach doesnt work too well! But has any one loaded gingerbread (2.3) onto a flytouch3? ? Or honeycomb (3.1)??
Is it possible to do?? Am a regular on updating the OS on the phone(blackberry), wondered on this damp grey miserable morning if was possible on the tablets too????


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Thats great! Blunt and straight to the point, love it!

Okay,k so why wont it work then??

There are people working on ports. It is not as simple as it won't or it is impossible. They also said flash would not work on these as well. But for now there is no upgrade.


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Cool, makes it clearer, had to be worth an ask! Figured after playing on one running gingerbread in a while back and spec wise was close to these tsblets!