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Apr 15, 2010
Hey there, I have tried several Roms and they all have the same problem, some apps are.missing, i had them a few weeks ago, like beebplayer and handybackup, they are free apps and I can see paid apps, please help me.

Written on my HTC Hero.
Developers have the option to "forward protect" apps, even free ones. These apps can only be seen using rom/build versions signed off by Google.

I had a G2/Hero from T-Mobile and the stock rom it came with couldn't access these apps but I downloaded an "update" from the T-Mobile web site (which was actually the same version number, but must have been a different build number) and that one gave me access to everything.

If you've rooted then I am not sure how that affects anything, but if your rom is stock as issued by Three, then you need to get Three to shout at Google to get the rom version/build signed off.
i have put a stock rom onto my phone and i still cannot find beebplayer, thats the main app i want because im going away soon and i want to watch iplayer on my phone, or if anyone can direct me to another app or website that i can watch iplayer and/or 4od on that would be a great help