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[AT&T] Help me set up my S3 by finding similar jailbreaks I used to use please!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zak9494, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. zak9494

    zak9494 Newbie
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    Hey everyone I’m switching from a jailbroken iPhone 4S to a Galaxy S3 AT&T. What similar apps and tweaks are available for the Galaxy S3 that I currently use on my iPhone? I also plan to root my S3 so any apps that are similar that require rooting are fine. Also any recommendations of cool tweaks, apps and ROMS are welcomed. I am new to this but I have read quite a bit. I like my phone looking totally different then everyone else’s. ☺
    Any help is welcomed,

    Tweaks & apps I use on my iPhone:

    Bite SMS – One can push the volume button and then tap the screen where it shows that volume being adjusted and quick composes a message. One may also quick reply without having to go into the native sms app, such as replying to a text message while in a game or in the music app.
    - Features: “Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Passcode Lock, Delivery Reports”

    Activator – One can set short cuts by customizing what a certain button or certain screen gestures such as pressing the home button three times and the camera flash turns into a flashlight. Another example is pressing the sleep button twice while listening to music and the phone will go to the next song in the playlist. Also one can set a gesture such as “pinching” an icon on the home screen and the email app will open in the compose new email window.

    SBSettings - Simple shortcut utility allows you to access all of the system settings you toggle daily with a quick Activator action. For example, you could double tap your iPhone’s status bar to trigger a panel of settings, and adjust settings such as Bluetooth, wifi, 3G, brightness, kill background apps. Also have a toggle setting for the flash setting it as a flashlight on and off at an ease.

    Tethering – Using the cellphones 3G or 4G to give out internet access by setting a wireless hotspot, Bluetooth or USB cable.

    Folder Enhancer – unlimited amount of apps in any folder

    Applocker – passcode apps and folders

    Fake caller ID app

    Lock screen quick features - camera app toggle and people you’d like to speed dial, flashlight

    Remove running apps in the background with one touch

    3G unrestrictor – run or download apps that are limited to only use while on wifi

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  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!!

    Moved to Galaxy S3 (AT&T) All Things Root. :)
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  3. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer

    Welcome to the forums! :)

    As far as I know there is a root solution for your phone. I believe the things you've listed above are either cooked into custom roms or available by way of apps in the play store.

    I don't have your phone, but I'm sure we can get you pointed in the right direction to achive root and start flashing roms and running root only apps.

    The only thing we can't help you with is getting paid apps for free. That is stealing, and we as a site don't condone that. Hope you understand.

    Most of the time when you get these types of apps they have a little extra baggage attached. IE, they have spyware or other data logging stuff attached. I won't load any of that stuff on my phone. ;)
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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
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    And quite a bit of what they bled you for on the iPhone is built in and free, or has free alternatives anyway.

    With theirs, you jailbreak and leave the ecosystem for another.

    With Android, rooting is the same exact thing as getting admin access on a pc. You don't leave the ecosystem and you don't get to steal paid apps.
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  5. Dvoraak

    Dvoraak Newbie

    I'm not sure why stealing apps comes into every jailbreak discussion. There are sites (app stores) that pirate apps but they aren't included in Cydia (THE jailbreak app store) and only the foolish add them to their sources (much the same as with Android).

    If you want to personalize your S3, there are many options. Custom ROMs are a start but I'd spend some time with the stock Touchwiz UI and see if you like it or not. Most (not all) of the ROMs are vanilla variants so you'll lose Samsung features..... but that will generally give you better performance. Home launchers give you the most theming options. Go Launcher probably offers the most but it's a resource hog. Nova and ADW are also popular launchers. Experiment and see what you like. Home launchers don't require root access.

    Do A LOT of research before you start flashing ROMs to your phone.

    Here's the best advice I can give.

    galaxys3 root.com

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