Dec 6, 2010
Mesmerize (USCC) will disconnect bluetooth after hanging up from handsfree call on my Chevy Equinox (2011). Phone vibrates once, after about 10 sec. from hanging up, then vibrates 2x, about 5 sec. after 1st vibration, then disconnects. I've paired & connected other phones to Equinox - no disconnect problems. I've paired & connect Mesmerize to Mazda 6 - no disconnect problems. Have taken Equinox to dealer & they said it was working fine. I've had phone replaced from USCC. Any suggestions, ideas, etc. is greatly appreciated.
There are similar issues with Chrysler group vehicles, as well.

Its not a "fault" of the phone. In other words, taking it back for a replacement most likely won't fix it.

It is possibly a compatibility issue with the Bluetooth version that your phone runs and the version that your car is running. (That is the issue with Chrysler and Android 2.2)
If you roll back the software to Android 2.1, it will work with the Chrysler systems. I don't know if it will do the same with the Chevy systems.
Here is a solution to the problem using the EVO 3D.

This issue was identified in the Sprint Community forums with 2011 Chevy Bluetooth Hands free systems. The issue was that the EVO 3D would pair, but would connect intermittently. The connection would cycle on and off and would interrupt phone calls. The issue actually stems from an incompatibility with the address book download attempted by the car to the EVO 3D. The solution is to not allow the address book connection.

The Fix:
1. Delete the phone profile from the car
2. Delete the car profile from the phone.
3. Pair the phone with the car
4. Check the box, always perform this action, and decline the connection to the address book.

Kudos to Sprint Forum User ISIRAPYNOT005 for figuring this out.
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Robodoc 82 - Thank you very much! Your fix appears to be working great. I have not had any issues with disconnection since following your directions. Thanks again.