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Can someone PLEASE help me understand just what is wrong with my Captivate?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ffman2152, May 21, 2011.

  1. ffman2152

    ffman2152 Lurker
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    I have a few issues with the Captivate, that I just can't get an answer to, except send it in to Samsung, and we'll repair it. AT&T just does a very poor job, of tech support, on my end of things. I spend hours by phone, poor email replies, and going in for a face-to-face yesterday, simply does no good. I bought the Captivate with Android 2.1, and updated to 2.2, from Samsungs site. My issues are:

    AT&T will stop BLOCKING apps, that come from other places, besides their Market. Talk of OTA being pushed, and the Captivate being one of the first to get it, led me to learn that OTA, is not a software push, but a set of instructions, to help us manually change a SETTING in the Captivate. This, from three different tech people, all the way up the ladder at AT&T. That said, the head tech, Glen, COULD NOT FIGURE OUT how to tell me to change the Settings. Another issue, is with SMS and MMS messaging. I can send them no trouble, but I don't really know if the ones I'm sending to, have got them. Surprise. I found I could make requests, for a Notice of Delivery. I just have 'to ASK FOR ONE'. Trouble is, no one can help me figure out how to ask. On AT&T site, under my contract, they have Captivate as my phone. They have a tutorial on MMS settings, so I went to it. I followed the steps they give, and at the END, they show 5 options, that are greyed out, that you can activate. They show 5, but my Captivate only shows 3. The two that are missing, DELIVERY REPORT and READ REPORT, are what I'd need, but they aren't there. Yesterday in a face-to-face, the tech I was talking with, played with a Captivate demo, and actually found those two options on it. His reply, the demo is Android 2.1, I upgraded to 2.2. Conclusion, I screwed myself, with the update. He didn't explain, why the Captivate HE OWNS, and is 2.1 itself, DON'T HAVE THE TWO OPTIONS EITHER. The third issue, is EDGE. Where I live, AT&T's tower, are horrible. No one with AT&T, can connect to them. I pay over $70 a month, to use my Captivate, on my WIFI. My use is rare, for phone calls. It's mainly for the Smart Phone part, that I use it. When I bought the phone, EDGE was not active, but some smart guy at a hugher level, had me make a settings change, and it appeared. But it no longer appears, and it seems if you don't ask a 3G question, they ignore you now. So, after countless failures, I left AT&T yesterday, and stopped at Verizon, just down the road, to get info with them.

    I contacted Samsung when I got home, telling them the troubles I'm having, and asking if they could help answer my issues? This morning, I got their reply. The answer was an EITHER/OR reply, and that's why I'm asking this here. They say I could either restore my software to brand new, and lose all my phones content, or send it in for repair, which probably would lose the content with as well. Not an indication, if it's a software(Android) problem, or a hardware problem. No indication if AT&T's OTA, is a software PATCH, or if it really is nothing but instructions on what I need to change. AT&T sent me two MMS TEXTS, while I was on the phone with them, that were 4kb in size, and were ONLY GOOD FOR 4 DAYS, by what was said with them. Both opened with the word, DOWNLOADING, following it, but the word DOWNLOADING, is still present, 2 days later. Must mean what they sent, I never had installed. But why install something, if it's NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE as AT&T claims, and instead send a simple email with instructions, or a web site, I can read the instructions on? But, as of this morning, I really don't know how to handle this. Does anyone, understand what this means, and can explain in basic English, just what is wrong? Thank you.

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  2. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Android Enthusiast

    Wow! I think you could have gotten your point across with one small paragraph and it would have been a hell of a lot more clear.

    If the update is anything like the update that was provided at the end of September, it is Over the Air (OTA) and you have to have a good data connection to an AT&T tower to get it. There is a way to check for updates for your phone manually in the settings. I don't have that setting anymore though because I am running a custom ROM, but I am sure people talked about it a lot on this forum.
  3. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    If you are talking about the update that is for allowing unknown sources to download non market apps, then that update is automatically pushed to your phone nothing really needs to be done on your end to get that update. It's just random as to who gets it and when. I have read some people here say that they have checked under menu-settings - applications (this is where the check unknown sources box will appear.) and don't see the box option but they can now download the amazon app store and apps without using a sideloading method. I know with my HTC Inspire I got the update one night and my husband hot his the next night. It's just a waiting game as to when you will get it.

    As for the mms/sms problem have you tried a 3rd party app like handcent sms that offers a read and delivery report?

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