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Can't enable debugging to root phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by engineerkate, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. engineerkate

    engineerkate Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK. Background. I rooted my phone when it was 2.2.1 and life was good. Then one day I decided to connect my phone to the ole 'puter to get the pictures off and free up some space. Stupidly, I let my phone update to 2.2.2, which un-rooted it. :mad:

    I went to the 2.2.2 3 click rooting guide which seemed to be a-ok until I tried to boot into recovery mode and the darned thing got locked into fastboot. I made it through the instructions to unbrick (thank you so much) and ended up with a zeroed phone. Made it through the instructions to get service back (freaking YAY!) and now i want to root again.

    :hmmmm2: The problem. On the phone there are supposed to be the icons for turning USB mass storage on and off and for enabling debugging. I don't get the debugging icon when I plug in via usb. I need to enable debugging to root the thing!

    When I check under device manager, the phone shows as unknown device. I downloaded the usb driver from lg and ran it, and nothing seems to have changed.

    Help, I hate the bloatware, it makes me nuts. Thanks. :hello2:

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  2. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Turn off USB mass storage.....u need to go to Settings>applications>development>USB debugging and enable it

    Still don't work? Reboot phone and if it still don't work, reboot your computer.
    If it still don't work make sure you're not using a USB HUB and its connected to the back of the computer, if its a laptop don't use a usb splitter, connect straight to your USB port. Still wont work? Go to about phone and see if it says "charging(USB)" and not "charging(AC)/(DC)"
    if it says charging AC/DC then make sure you're using the cord that came with your phone or an OEM cord. If you are then your USB cable needs to be replaced. But I would try to redo the unbrick first....it may just be a bad flash....

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