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Deals Tracker for eBay - get notified about best eBay deals

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tomlocksapps, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Hi everyone! Some time ago after hours that I've spent on looking for my phone I've decided to create an app that can do that for me and save my time.
    Deals Tracker for eBay is the tracking app that allows you to track the items that you really need. You'll get notification when somebody added item that is matching your criteria. You can use all of the eBay filters, like: category, price, location, auction type, color, etc. Most of them wasn't tested but should work.
    Here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomlocksapps.dealstracker.ebay

    Main features:
    • search items by criteria
    • search eBay in background
    • get a notification as soon as new item is added or somebody makes a bid
    • create subscriptions that automatically follow the criteria

    If you have questions, ask me. Suggestions are welcome.

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  2. tomlocksapps

    tomlocksapps Lurker
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  3. tomlocksapps

    tomlocksapps Lurker
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    I've updated the app yesterday. Now is available in the following countries:
    - Australia
    - Canada
    - Germany
    - Ireland
    - Poland
    - United Kingdom
    - United States

Deals Tracker for eBay

Deals Tracker for eBay Forum


Deals Tracker for eBay helps you to track your defined searches and notifies you as soon as the new results arrives. You can forget about checking search results day by day to find an item at a reasonable price. Just add subscription and wait for results. You will be notified every time the new item shows up on eBay. This can help you to buy an item at a bargain price or find a rare/unique item that you are looking for. It works like the eBay saved search feature, but it checks the deals almost immediately. The eBay Deals Tracker can be used as: • price tracker - the app can notify you about every price drop • unique items finder - define rare item and we'll notify you as soon as it appears • deal alert app - define your own filters and get notification when the deal show up • camelcamelcamel - but for eBay website The eBay Deals Tracker contains following features: • integrated web browser for faster deal detail access • real time deal alerts • support for multiple eBay websites • enhanced real time notifications with deal details - only PRO version • adding subscriptions straight from your desktop - only PRO version • stop/start auto deal fetching - only PRO version This app is intended to use only with the eBay Online Shopping website. Supported sites: • www.ebay.com • www.ebay.co.uk • www.ebay.de • www.ebay.ie • www.ebay.com.au • www.ebay.pl • www.ebay.ca Follow these steps to create subscriptions: 1. Type an item name. 2. Choose the right filters to narrow the results. 3. Make sure that you specified at least these two: - item category - item price range Remember that the more filters mean better results. 4. Alternatively, you can specify item location to get only local deals. 5. After saving wait for results. 6. The app will start asking eBay for the best deals. 7. As soon as the results arrive you'll be notified. The price filter is obligatory for new tracker, because it's the easiest way to limit the number of results. This online shopping app periodically polls eBay to get subscriptions matching your criteria. Deals that you are tracking are automatically refreshed. For example, when someone places a new bid, you’ll be notified almost immediately. In most cases best deals are sold shortly after they show up. Deals Tracker for eBay can not only save your time, but it can save your money. Be first to know about the new items!

March 20, 2020
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