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*********Development Thread**********

So basically reading around, I stumbled upon a nifty little tool called Kexec. It basically loads a new kernel and initramfs into memory and boots that, sort of like a reboot, except it doesn't go back to the bootloader for security checks. I am in the process of building a module from the Src Kyocera has on their website here: Kyocera - Developer Info - Get info on the Kyocera's Android enabled smartphones

The compiled module will have to be insmod'd before any other kernel can be booted on top of stock. I guess a companion app can be made for those who aren't very comfortable with command line.

But a cool thing here, is that CWM or TWRP is just a kernel and ramdisk paired together into a .img file. If decompiled, kexec can boot these, thus giving us a nice little recovery for our devices. Other possibilities include, booting CM from /data (a slim rom to save space, then have ramdisk mount /sdcard/data/ as regular data partition for apps, then /sdcard/ as itself, or booting a ROM from an sdcard.

But I can't do this alone. I need help on this. I have also been in talks with a few Rise users. Our devices are pretty much the same hardware wise. So if I get this module built for either side, the other can use it. Same with recovery (maybe just a few mounts need to be changed