Droid Detailing?! What do you guys think?

Detail the D1?

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So the gold paint on my D1 camera button is peeling off.

Thinking of taping the whole side of the phone off and painting it metallic red like the DX.

yay? nay?

I think it's kinda awesome, cause I haven't seen many people detail their phones like this yet. :D


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I don't know if you need to tape it off, but yeah, go for it. I was thinking about doing the same thing. However, I would have to figure out how to do the back grille as well.


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I say if you are out of warrany, go for it:D:D

I'm not out, but I'm rooted, and don't plan on going back so...

takeshi said:
Paint can look really terrible if it's not done properly. Especially if it starts chipping and flaking

I have been doing plastic model jets for years now, and painting small parts is second nature to me. I think my experience will help. But yes, average joe, might have trouble making it look right without practice.


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Mine was getting nicked and worn on the top edges so I took the top piece from the otterbox I had (never used it) and sanded it down so that it is flush with the sides of the phone. I also sanded down the sharp edge on the top. It looks better and has a much better feel, especially when using the D2 extended battery.



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I say do it...like it will look any worse than it does now right? post pics, because, although my button is perfect, i would like to do it one day. the gold accents are the only thing about this phone that i dont LOVE.


You should totally detail. I ended up winning one of those stickers for the back of the open slider (in a contest earlier this year), only I picked a color that matched the gold on the letters and what flaked off of my camera button as well.