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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sassy01ss, May 19, 2011.

  1. sassy01ss

    sassy01ss Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I currently have an evo and over it and it's battery life! I know you are all Epic lovers but can anyone tell me their thoughts...I was thinking of trading my evo for an epic...is the epic all that good?? is it better than the evo? is the battery life ANY better?? thanks SO MUCH :D

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  2. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    Well, battery life is highly dependent on the user and what all they do with their phone. How much battery life are you currently getting and what do you do with your phone on a day to day basis?
  3. sassy01ss

    sassy01ss Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i can just be texting off and on throughout the day and its can be DEAD by late afternoon.. I don't have any task killers. I have nothing syncing, its all manual....i had an iphone and the battery was def better then the evo and yet everything sync every 10 min as well...
  4. o0Syn

    o0Syn Newbie

    I'd say go for the Epic because I use the phone similarly to you and I have had an uptime of 65+ hours on the Epic. But I use Juice Defender with everything customized making the phone prefer Wifi and leave syncing enabled.

    The hardware in the EPIC is still very good and marginally better than the Evo they both have 1ghz processors but the graphics acceleration in the Epic is much better.

    I have had the opportunity to use many android devices and I still love my phone the best.
  5. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    FWIW I think the Epic's battery life is a bit better than the Evo, but if you use it a lot the battery life will drain.

    I also have iPhone. The iPhone battery life is superior because the iPhone really doesn't do as much - no widgets, no true multi-tasking, etc. I'd rather have Android over iPhone truth be told.
  6. The EPIC is better.
    It handles graphics better than the EVO. The display is way better. It has a keyboard. It's still and video cameras are both better. I've also noticed that the battery life is somewhat bettery, though not by a whole lot.
  7. ernbrdn

    ernbrdn Lurker

    Don't forget the HD Recording with the mp4 container is better, the stock audio player is better, the stock video player is a lot better. The only thing I can tell the evo had going for it when I switched from my EVO to the Epic is the development community, (just my opinion of course), Screen size, (even though the screen on the epic blows the EVO screen out of the water), and Social integration with Sense made more sense. (Epic does social integration but it's not quiet as polished as sense was). I say go for it if I was you, I did and I haven't looked back yet.
  8. susandennis

    susandennis Newbie

    I have both and EVO and an EPIC. I really would love to put them both in a blender and pour out the perfect phone.

    I find the battery life about the same, honestly. I keep spare charged batteries on me at all times.

    My EPIC just quits on me at least once a day. Won't turn on. Recovery is remove/replace the battery and turn it back on. Very annoying but the boot up time is substantially faster than the EVO (however still way too slow for my tastes).

    Samsung has some better tricks that HTC. The ability to uninstall apps from the app list is a biggie for me.

    It's all about the little things and when I list pros and cons of both they are very different but the lists number the same.

    The EPIC wins alpha phone because of the keyboard but every time I pick up the slim EVO, I wonder if it's time to give that up.
  9. nyrblue35

    nyrblue35 Member

    i had about a week left and i traded in my evo 4g for the samsung epic. While i absolutely LOVED the huge screen and kickstand the phone had i absolutely HATED the virtual keyboard. Liked the evo shift alot but it didnt have the screen, dual camera, bigger keyboard, and 16 gig card. After installing ADW launcher im a happy camper.
  10. badankles

    badankles Android Expert

    sounds like you might have an app management problem, hardware issue or bad battery. it should not be doing that.

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