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Favorite Apps for You?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheAlien, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. TheAlien

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    Sep 6, 2010

    Sep 6, 2010
    I figured I'd start this up a bit since most of the other posts are all complaints and gripes ( mostly ) and I couldn't actually find one specific to the Epic4g.

    Well, here is my short list that are actually on my home page, in order:

    6: Calorie Counter (excellent if you're on a diet)

    5: Shazam ( need I say more? )

    4: Google Goggles (Fun, and extremely helpful for fun facts, local interests, and for shopping)

    3. BarCode Scanner (well, ya just kinda need this for getting apps you find online that have that funky square thingie to take your phone to the app in the market.)

    2. Act1 video (absolutely the best video player available on the market. (pm me if you want the perfect screen size for whatever ripper you use) No need to go into details, just accept that it is, indeed, the perfect video player and worth the 2.99 or whatever they charge)

    1. PDAnet (Ya wanna use your phone in emergencies for your lappy to connect to the internet? Well, here ya go. Get your USB cable plugged in and have at it.)

    There are a couple others I use a lot, but I narrowed it down quite a bit. I also like GPS Compass, which is very handy. As well as Task Manager (that's what it's called, with a space) and Batteryminder and Sickipedia just for fun. I highly recommend both Act1 video if you're into watching movies on your phone (contact me for the perfect settings for ripping your vids) and PDAnet for tethering.

    Two of those listed above are pay pgms (act1 and shazam), but for 2.99, they're well worth every penny.

    I have quite a few that I like, but I feel these are the ones that everyone HAS to have, for one reason or another. I tend to use them more than any others. Facebook--the one that comes with the phone is good enough, Search engines, maybe xscope (free if you ask for a free test version) and the random stuff like Netflix. And don't gripe because I didn't provide links, google it. They have details in the app market if ya need the down and dirty, but I think the basics I put in should be enough. They all work excellently on the Epic4g.

    I hope this helps. Please contribute, because we all like getting new ideas of stuff that's fun or helpful.

    (besides, I'm tired of reading all about complaints. The friggin phone is absolutely the best on the market today and that's that. Ya got problems? go back to the piece of crap you had before buying the greatest phone you'll ever own.)


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