Help Galaxy ace bluetooth issues


Hey guys. Got a brand new ace on telstra. Having issues with bluetooth. Can pair to dedevices but won't connect. Especially with Hd2p audio devices. I have no third party bluetooth apps installed. Running 2.3.4. Any tips?



I'm having the exact same problem! I also have a Samsung Galaxy Ace running Android 2.3.4, and i'm having problems using bluetooth, either with my notebook or my mp3 auto player.
I get bluetooth paired, mas i can't connect with other devices. I noticed that I accept to pair with other devices, but it didn't ask me the PIN code!

I look over internet and found suggestions to reset the cell phone to default settings. I don't want that, because I'll lose many applications / configs. Any other suggestions?



I just installed navfree (car nav app) and it will not use my Blue tooth hands free kit although phone calls work fine, have tried it on a Blue Ant and also another cheaper Kit. I have a nokia with a nav prog and that works fine on both kits. Like you I did not get asked for the code when I connected to the blue tooth. I can not find a way to delete the blue tooth connection on the Ace.

Any ideas.


I have no problem at all with bluetooth on my Galaxy Ace. I tried using Samsung Kies but it didn't seem to work. Bluetooth is useful because you don't need to plug and unplug the usb cable for transferring applications or data.