Google Play thinks I am somewhere else


Dear all, I just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I live in the Netherlands and bought it in a shop here but the manual inside the box came in Hungarian. Oh well... Now, after updating from Android 3.1 to 3.2 and from Android Market to Google Play I see a couple of strange things: 1) When searching I cannot find common apps such as "Google Reader" or "Skype" or "Out of Milk". Searching for "Google" I only find 9 applications I had never heard off. 2) When I try to install any of these applications from the menu of my applications (linked to my account) I can install them from there. Which is good. 3) However, some applications like "El Mundo" or "El Pais" (two Spanish newspapers) I cannot find them in the market OR install them ("item cannot be installed in your device's country" error). I have other Android devices (phones), all of them from the Netherlands, and I can always see an install those applications. Any ideas? This is driving me crazy. Thanks! -Alex


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check the language settings for your device, that might have something to do with it, that and your location settings, make sure its set to your location.


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Well, after trying many things (unsuccessfully) the problem solved itself after a few hours with me not touching the tablet.

My guess, it took some time for Google to confirm that my IP was in the Netherlands and allow for all those apps to be found and installed.

So all in all things are the way they should be.

Thanks for your help!