Help handcent not sending or receiving pictures


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I have been using handcent for almost a month now. Sending or receiving pictures hardly ever works. Does anyone have any advice?


I am not able to send or receive pictures at this time. I was on phone with AT&T for a couple of hours and no pictures not even ones they tried to send. I have disabled the wifi and it still won't send or receive. Right now I haven't a clue on how to fix the problem. All I know is about 2 weeks ago I would have to manually connect to wifi from 3G or EDGE when I knew wifi was available, and now I don't get EDGE I don't know about 3G haven't been in an area that has 3G lately. Now my wife and daughter can send pictures to each other in the house but my phone just days downloading when they send me one last night my daughter sent me a picture and tonight still downloading. Anyone else with a problem such as this or know how to fix????