Have a general tablet question


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So I have a question about Android tablets and profiles. I know that the N7 and the new Samsung Tablets have profile support, but do all tablets have that now?

And if I have a profile with my Google account, and my roommate makes a profile with her account will I still have her contacts and stuff sync to my phone or nope?


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On the Google part you have to select your name of profile. It would only show on the device you log on for example I have a tablet and a phone they both logged on all the time . when I am home my girl and the kids uses the tablet all I do is hit my email name and view my info . on the phone all I see is my info nothing on the other account .


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The multi-user support is a feature of the Android OS (4.2+). I'm not going to say that every tablet running a recent version of Android (particularly the inexpensive off-brand ones) will include that support, but they all should.

The tablet will sync the data for any accounts/profiles that exist on it, but will only display (and allow access to) the data of whichever user is currently logged in. Set up some manner of lockscreen PIN/password/pattern on your profile and you won't have to worry about another user of the tablet accessing your stuff.

That help? :)