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How can I get Google sliding drawer in SMS app?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MeFromTheFuture, Mar 16, 2016.

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    components_dividers_type2.png OK I am a noob but I do know very little at editing xmls ... So I just simply want to add the Google sliding drawer [exact] in a SMS app like ..yaata,textra, messaging. ,these are apps from Google play that I mod for personal use and customize my phone since I don't have root I mod my apps . now ....I do use apkeditor from playstore an I have become good at changing colors sizes to parts changing images.........my problem is I'm a uneducated in android never studied just wanted to change the way my phone looked and have been hooked on modding or theming ... I ask can someone make one of the above apps pref. Yaata SMS with the drawer some of them have one but they are ugly I want the profile pic an background wallpaper at the top just like gplay,ghangouts.play store etc. Or is there a way to just copy paste lines from XML files and image files cause I don't know what the line mean I just know color sizes and image replacement...... Please help

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