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How to get T-mobile VOIP appilcation

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by GON7, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. GON7

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    BLUF- I want to use T-mobile's VOIP application on my Galaxy S5 originally purchased from ATT. I am on T-mobile now.

    I have been a T-Mobile user for 10 continuous years and like T-mobile. I was relocated two months ago to rural Pennsylvania and my HTC ONE M7 did not work in my home due to lack of signal. I configured the phone to use T-Mobile VOIP and the phone worked at home using my home WiFi network.

    While I vacation I lost and or had my HTC One phone stolen (I was in Alaska). There were no T-mobile dealers in Alaska. Upon return to PA I discovered no T-Mobile dealers in my area either.

    I purchased a new, unlocked Galaxy G5 that was in a AT&T box. T-Mobile sent me a SIM, I plugged it and and the phone worked (as long as I am in a area with a T-Mobile signal).

    The problem is, this phone does not have the T-Mobile VOIP app. I called T-mobile and they said that app is only for phones sold directly by T-mobile. I find this hard to understand, as T-Mobile supports BYOD. Am I to understand the T-Mobile users that BYOD don't have access to T-Mobile VOIP app and must use a third party VIOP app?

    Thanks in advance for any comments/ suggestions.

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  2. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Up to this point t-mobile had to integrate the WiFi calling into the software for it to work seamlessly the way it does. Future phones may be able to be used with WiFi calling on BYOD since Google and Apple seem to be integrating the IMS solution t-mobile uses.
    http://m.androidcentral.com/t-mobile-add-wi-fi-calling-support-its-nexus-6-model-early-2015 it looks like it's going to become a standard android feature so maybe a future update can bring it
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  3. GON7

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    Thanks Gman!

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