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How to unroot Infinix Hot 4 X557 Android 7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NiSob, Jul 4, 2018.

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    I recently got my phone reset accidentally and some important images got deleted. Phone details:
    Infinix Hot 4, Android version 7
    Build number: X557-H807AD-N-171110V163
    Model: Infinix X557.
    Kernel Version 3.18.35+

    I looked into recovery software and thought I'd give Dr fone (PC) a go. It successfully recognised the device and started the one-step root & recovery process. However, after a couple of minutes, it stopped with a message that it can't root this phone model and I should do it manually.

    Hence, I have researched rooting of Infinix X557 and for my particular case of Android 7 I believe the following guide would work:


    I haven't rooted my phone yet, as I know that the consequences shall not be favourable and until I unroot the phone it won't receive updates. Therefore, I am thinking of inquiring if anyone knows how to unroot my phone once it is rooted. I will then root my device, recover files and then unroot it.

    Any help relevant to my case of Infinix X557 Android 7 will be much appreciated.


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