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Htc one v on metro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ozzieoh, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ive been hearing this phone may be coming to metro. If so do you think its an upgrade from the connect? I for one do not.

  2. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It does however look much better than my connect.
  3. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    It's gonna have to have some serious specs and features for me to upgrade. If I was someone who had the esteem I wouldn't have gotten the connect.

    The rumor of a 4.5 inch screen is intriguing.
  4. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It has a 1ghz single core.. but it does come stock ics and sense 4.0
  5. yahhboy

    yahhboy Android Expert

    Spec wise it is very similar to the esteem, however the camera WITH ics makes it a pretty nice device. Sense 4 is really nice I like how it feels more minamalistic compared to the overkill of previous sense versions, it has some +s but the specs make it unworthy of an upgrade from the connect.

    Oh and the chin is kinda ugly.
  6. robertkoa

    robertkoa Android Enthusiast

    I'm waiting to see about this phone since I have not upgraded to an Android yet.

    Scary feature- I read that it has a "fixed " battery- hopefully the Metro version will not-sounds like a crazy thing to have a non replaceable, non upgradeable battery- if it's true.
  7. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    I heard that it does not have a removable battery as well. I also heard that it is not LTE. If that is true then it is nowhere near as capable as the Connect.
  8. lordvyb

    lordvyb Lurker

    The HTC One V will be coming to Metro. It is not LTE capable. The battery is not removable and it does not have removable memory either. (No MicroSD capability)

    The camera is really nice. It will have a front-camera too. And it's the V, not the 4.8" monster that is the One X. Size of the screen is 3.8" if I'm not mistaken.

    And yes, I'm corporate and met with the HTC rep and demoed the device.
  9. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

  10. Will24

    Will24 Newbie

    Are they giving metropcs a different model? Cause the original Htc One v has removable memory(microSD capability).It doesn't have a front-camera and the screen size is 3.7.So I was just wondering are the specs wrong or is it different. :thinking:
  11. Sniper1087

    Sniper1087 Well-Known Member

    HTC One V is not going to be any good, im sorry but bringing a CDMA non LTE device to the market is not going to be interesting at all, the specs are mediocre now, no dual core, no bigger screen, the camera will be ok, but is time to have all phones with LTE and dual core S4 no S3 processor.
  12. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    Just another entry level phone for MetroPCS.

    Metro will have 1 or 2 big time phones released by the end of the year.
  13. robertkoa

    robertkoa Android Enthusiast

    RE: HTC One V

    If it has a really good Camera ( as I've heard ) that can send 5 or 6 slides- I could possibly live with the other limited functions NOW but certainly won't be a good future phone as it's already obsolete.....

    Plus- if it has a FIXED non removable battery-that has to be the worst "feature" I've ever heard of on a phone.......ridiculous design flaw.

    The CONNECT just went down with rebates to $249. indicating possibly they have a few 4 G LTEs coming soon.

    Any insiders have info on new 4G LTE Metro Phones ?
  14. akikhia

    akikhia Android Expert

    i highly doubt that we wont see new phones for a coupke months
  15. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a feeling that the lg vu is coming to metro
  16. uncholowapo

    uncholowapo Member

    Tell me what you do that is so intensive on your phone that you will need a multicore processor and new architecture revision? I'd like to know so I can put my Connect to work :rolleyes:

    The only argument that can really be made is the LTE. I don't see people paying the standard $50 if they are getting sub standard speeds.
  17. akikhia

    akikhia Android Expert

    processor speeds over 1.5ghz on a single core will never be needed on android devices
  18. Ozzieoh

    Ozzieoh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    At the moment. Maybe.
  19. yahhboy

    yahhboy Android Expert

    Was reading online seems like the v has been revised since announcement
    Edit nevermind
    At least it has sense 4.0
  20. robertkoa

    robertkoa Android Enthusiast

    OK- let's say you're driving down the street as a passenger using GPS to figure out the directions and you get an Emergency Call from a friend who needs to know some Math Equation about Black Holes immediately-

    Then just as you're doing both of those a UFO appears above the Car and you need to snap a picture or Video it- Multitasking- and a common situation that's happened to many of us........now with the Dual Core Processor and Architecture Revision 3.1 - we can still do the math , get the directions and still get good video of the UFO.
  21. Ære

    Ære Android Enthusiast

    The HTC One V will be 3G only. I don't know of any other spec's as of now other than it will have ICS already installed.

    Once spec's come in I'll update you all.

    The next big phone metropcs is getting is the Samsung Galaxy S II also labeled as Light"..." ("..." something).

    It will have a 4.5" AMOLED LCD Screen. Front face camera, rear camera with flash def. 5mp rear, working towards 8mp. Dual core 1.3/4 (can't remb atm) cpu, 1gb of ram, 4-8gbs internal storage. up to 32gb sd card. working on a 2000 stock mah battery. (again these are things metro and samsung are trying to work together, subject to change).

    This device will also be the first device to support Digital Mobile TV. This ability will allow the phone to pick up 72 stations (at launch) in 32 cities.

    The TV function doesn't require any data. It will have an optional attena that can be pulled out for use if desired when using the TV function.

    I saw this phone in testing and I was very impressed. For those who've had or seen metro's line up. Lets say it's the Samsung Crafts LCD screen, LG esteem type size screen (SII is slightly larger) and the LG connect internal hardware preformance. Just to get an idea of the device for those who don't know.

    There will be another 4G phone with a 4.3" scree from ZTE. Also with ICS installed. I tested that device, it was really good. only down fall was it was single core (which is ok) 1.5ghz and only 256mb of ram (kind sucky) which I told the zte response team to at least make it 512mb. But that's not up to me..

    Between now and August, there will be up to 7 new Android devices. A few 4G the rest 3G.

    I'll try to post info as I get it.

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  22. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    Why make so many more 3G phones when they're more or less abandoning 3G?
  23. uncholowapo

    uncholowapo Member

    Because a lot more people buy the cheaper phones on Metro. Why do you think they never advertise the ridiculously expensive phones on TV, posters, fliers, or anything else and instead opt to put in the cheap offers for phones of the lower tier? 3G is enough for most people.

    Considering the type of people they are catering to, I wouldn't expect any of them to be tempted to buy the higher end phones when the price is less than amazing.
  24. LGconnect

    LGconnect Member

    3G phones wouldn't do me any good. I don't get 3g where I live. lol
  25. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    exactly, there's barely any 3g on metro anyway so why make phones for it? better to make more low end phones that are at least 4g capable.

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