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I am done with Android completely

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by RobertJHarsh, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. RobertJHarsh

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    Ok folks...mean rant ahead.

    I have had ENOUGH with this tinker toy known as Android. After owning a Droid X, Droid Pro and Xoom, these TOYS are not useful beyond being a cell phone.

    Droid X...useless device since 2.2. Did you know you could use a STYLUS pen before 2.2?!?!

    Droid Pro...joke of a blackberry attempt. RIM could take Motorola to school on that one.

    Xoom? Overpriced portable HDTV. Completely useless for daily work as a COMPUTER. None of these devices can attempt to replace a computer.

    I am going back to Blackberry. I have invested too much money in this gar-BAGE. To each his own...but I have had enough of a phone that hits INTERNATIONAL DATA ROAMING or 1X speeds at a drop of a hat. That includes THREE Droid Pros, TWO Droid Xs, and TWO Xooms. I have given this thing way more than the 'ole college try. And with that much gear, it definitely isn't the hardware or the carrier.

    Wanna hear the irony? Wanna laugh? CHROME OS and the Chromebooks are most awesome thing to ever come out of Google!!! So we have a gross failure of CRAP-droid on one had and pure WIN on the other with Chrome OS. What other company cracks out WIN in one division and pure FAIL in the other? Other companies produce consistant good or bad. But not Google. Pure extremes. Oh...Star Wars SUCKS TOO.

    My blackberry should arrive on Friday...and the Droid Pro POS to ebay.

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