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I'm just lovin' this Incredible.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stoic, May 31, 2010.

  1. Stoic

    Stoic Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday my home router went wonky and I had to turn to my Incredible to get on Amazon to order another one. Best "phone" experience ever. (And yes, I've only had crappy phones before.)

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  2. IcedTC

    IcedTC Member

    I agree. I came from an env2 and this thing rocks. Just think what we will be using in like 5 years from now!

    But until then the incredible will definitely keep me happy.
  3. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Nice to see a "love Incredible" thread amidst all these "hating" or "returning" threads.
  4. ericedge

    ericedge Newbie

    I'm loving the incredible too. I just got 4 of them in last week for myself and 3 other employees. I was using the BB Storm before this phone. I've got to say... I love everything about this phone. The battery life is soso but that will be fixed once my seidio battery comes in. There is NOTHING that I don't like about this phone. I could care less if the iPhone comes out next week for Verizon, I wouldn't even be tempted. This phone will keep me happy for a long time. I hope everyone else is enjoying their phone!
  5. rickhz

    rickhz Lurker

    I'll take open source over anything Apple puts out. I'm SUPER pleased with my Incredible.
  6. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I came from a krazr flip phone haha. This thing is beyond incredible for me.
  7. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Flip phones? They still exist? :p
  8. Nsane1

    Nsane1 Member

    I love my Inc too. Don't know what I'd do with out it. Can't wait for the extended life battery. I came from an Env Touch, which I loved when I had it. Now using it I laugh.
  9. jryan727

    jryan727 Member

    I used to be a diehard blackberry fan - I recommended them to everybody, and thought mine was indispensable. Then I got my Tour and had issues from the beginning. Then they finally rolled out BB OS5.0 to our phones, after it had been released for months, and introduced more bugs than they fixed -- one of which was a bug that required you to click a link in the crappy browser a few times before it would follow it. Talk about frustrating. Then it started freezing more and more. Then on Friday it froze for the last time, I hunted around for an Incredible, found one at a BestBuy near me, and haven't looked back.

    Blackberries suck. RIM can GTH. Android FTW!
  10. Outatime

    Outatime Android Expert

    I am with you on that. Blackberry is so overhyped. And 5.0 was a step backwards.
  11. jryan727

    jryan727 Member

    Absolutely. I held out, hoping 5.0 would fix the many issues the platform had, but it didn't. It made them worse. Then I heard last week that 6.0 would finally include a webkit browser (after, what? Two generations of OS's since their competitors were using webkit?). And that the tour wouldn't be getting 6.0. Technology moves too fast for RIM, apparently.

    They shot themselves in the foot. They were great business devices, then they decided to dip into the consumer market, and not keep two separate lines, banking on the concept that people who need a device for business also want consumer features (partly true), but they failed to maintain the level of stability that set them apart from their competitors, in favor of.. a nicer looking UI and a trackball (now a trackpad, since the trackballs failed so miserably).

    I use my Incredible for business. I work more efficiently. It's faster than my berry. It integrates better with Google apps (which I also use for business). It's the end all and be all of phones ATM IMHO.
  12. cosmicreality

    cosmicreality Newbie

    I think it's understandable that not everyone will be happy with any particular device. For myself, the HTC Incredible is simply a phenomenal machine. There's always room for improvement with any device but the flexibility and power that comes with this phone is surreal.

    This is my first smartphone and it actually feels more like a mini computer than just a communication device. This is the start of the future, ladies and gentlemen.

  13. Steven58


    I also love my phone.

    The navigation is wild. It took me a back route one night after midnight down a dark road for miles. It turned out to be quite a shortcut. I would have been lost several times without it.

    The web browsing, the price comparisons, the movie watching. Somebody stop me.
  14. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    Incredible FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. TokedUp

    TokedUp Android Enthusiast

    Agreed!!!!!! I love my Dinc, and once 2.2 comes out the DInc will be even better! Mwhahahahahahah, i'm a Slingbox app away from having an Ultimate Smartphone!
  16. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Android Enthusiast

    Concur! Had this bad boy over a month now and catch myself still saying "WOW"! :cool:
  17. amswink

    amswink Newbie

    I upgraded my BB pearl (slow and absolutely useless) to an Incredible. I've had mine for just a few days and I'm so in love with the speed and ease of use. I haven't found anything I can't do with my Inc that I would normally use my laptop for.
  18. Nightfall

    Nightfall Well-Known Member

    Same here. I came from AT&T to Verizon, and was on AT&T for more than 4 years. So the coverage of Verizon is a major bonus as well. I had an Iphone 3g and a 3gs and I thought the Iphone was awesome. After a couple weeks with the Incredible, I wondered why I thought the Iphone was that awesome. Multitasking is awesome. The interface is awesome. The apps? I found everything that I wanted on the Droid Incredible.

    It seems that not a day goes by and I am more amazed by this phone. Yesterday, I was using easytether to check a few things out while my wife was driving. Today, I found the blizzard authenticator that is used for logging into battle.net.

    So far, I am happy I pulled the trigger.
  19. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    You guys think it's sick now? Next OTA update it will be upgraded to a Star Trek Phaser.

    No weapon license required.
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  20. Mastermind

    Mastermind Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess you could say that I'm in the process of switching from AT&T to Verizon. The process is going to take as long as it takes for my Incredible to reach my hands. It's tormenting me because I'm coming from the dreaded LG Shine (Don't ask).
  21. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    It's already a Tricorder, now we're just getting greedy. ;)
  22. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    Naaa, nothing but incredible love here.

    Sometimes I take off the BodyGlove case and marvel at how small it is and at how nicely it fits in the hand. Then I hit the button to fire it up and I'm just amazed at that beautiful bright screen. My new 1750 battery and Seidio case come this week, after that I'm set for a good long while.
  23. AdmSuvvuk

    AdmSuvvuk Android Enthusiast

    I love mine! It died yesterday and I'm having very terrible withdrawals.
  24. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    The Incredible is my first smartphone. Aside from the screen size, it like carrying my laptop with me!

    As far as battery life it definitely depends on your area and signal strength. I live in a low signal area, but I can usually get a couple of days out of it (on at 9-10am & off at 12-2am). I visited my brother (who lives where I used to live in a major metro for this part of the country) and put my seido 1750 battery in at 6pm Friday and ran until 1am. Started it up Saturday at 8am and shut off at 1am. Started it at 8am Sunday and swapped out (with 26% left on it) to my OEM battery at 2am. Started at 9am with my OEM Monday and ran until 1am. Started it Tuesday (today & still OEM) and at 5:37pm (currently) it's at 52%. I was showing it off a bit, did quite a few calls, web browsing, video watching, picture taking, and game playing. So, except for about 4 hours of traveling (in and out of service from time to time) I'd say that's awesome!

    I came into the smartphone arena hoping to get a day out of it and charge it nightly. Even in my low signal area I can get 2 days on a charge and great call quality (as good as my Moto flip phone I used before).

    Once Froyo comes out it will only be sweeter!:D
  25. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Android Expert

    I love this phone more and more everyday, I just finally got the Nes, Snes and Genesis emulators working (turns out I needed to find a good place for the ROMs) and have wowed so many of my friends because I can play Legend of Zelda on my phone! I swear this thing is bottomless, I have yet to find anything I can't do and love love love Android. this phone had me at hello, it had me at hello.

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